Which Marketing Data Supporter Are You?

As we all know, the marketing database can be a beast to maintain. In order to properly manage your database, it’s important to know who owns what. Many teams assume that all the responsibilities lie on the marketing operations team, however, each member of marketing owns a small piece of maintaining the database.

In order for you to understand your responsibilities for database management, you must first know which role you are. This blog will cover the four different roles and their liabilities for marketing database management (hint: you can be more than one)!

1. The Data Owner

Knight_1_3xThe data owner oversees specific data sources and systems (e.g. web, MAP, SFA). This person is likely known as your company’s marketing operations professional. Their list of responsibilities include:

  • Define requirements of a quality record
  • Do routinely database health analyses to identify weak areas and gaps
  • Develop processes to ensure data is accurate, complete and reduce manual efforts
  • Create workflows for lead scoring and routing

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2. Data Contributor

A data contributor creates, deletes, and updates specific fields. This falls under many demand generation and sales roles. It’s important for contributors to:data

  • Upload/import lists that are accurate, complete, and not trash
  • Add necessary data points collected from research or calls to the database
  • Provide feedback to the data owner on the quality and completeness of the data, in addition to the data that is needed

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3. Data Consumer

Dragon_1_3xMany and all marketing roles consume data, so it’s important to know how they can contribute and do they part for the maintenance of the database to enable their marketing campaigns. Here’s how other roles use data as a consumer:

  • Use Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) data for segmentation and personalization
  • Avoid emailing to undeliverable, bounced, unsubscribed, and disengaged contacts
  • Create data visualizations in the CRM and MAP

4. Data Steward

The data steward is accountable for the overall functional data quality and compliance of data laws and regulations (think GDPR). They also ensure that:Jester_1_3x

  • There is transparency on the the use of consumer’s data collection and use
  • Responsible data-driven marketing
  • Accurate data is being appropriately monetized
  • Data protection
  • Marketing data is used for marketing purposes only

Usually only large corporations will have a data steward, so it’s important for smaller companies to have a process in place to collaboratively ensure all requirements are meant for compliance.

By learning which role you are and understanding your responsibilities, you will see an improvement in your marketing campaigns. Curious as to where you will see improvements? Check out this infographic to see how knowing your role in data will improve several different areas of your marketing campaigns and strategies.

 Data castle  

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