What the C-Suite Wants to Know About Marketing

When it comes to marketing reporting and marketing metrics, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, it's important to understand just how essential marketing reporting is. After all, if there's no report, there's absolutely no way to know how successful a marketing strategy or campaign really is. 

But when creating a report for the C-Suite, you need to be a bit less jargon-filled and more focused on results and what these professionals really need to know.

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Who is the C-Suite?

The C-Suite is the nickname for high-level people within a company. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer), COO (Chief Operations Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and more are all in this group of people.

The CEO and COO don't know what some of the more complex strategies in marketing are. That's not their job. So when creating a marketing report specifically for these people, you need to understand exactly what information they need to know. They're heavily focused on the financials and operations surrounding the company, so what they need from you is less about specific strategies and more about concrete numbers and end results.

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How to Create a Marketing Report for the C-Suite

Let's get down to it. When creating a report filled with marketing metrics specifically for the C-Suite within your company, what does it need to include?

When marketers start reporting to executives, it can be easy to feel defeated by the numbers, even when they're actually great and extremely successful metrics. So they start to go into deep dives and spiels about the specifics surrounding campaigns.

That's not the information executives need to know.

Instead, marketers should be focusing on how their jobs and their campaigns are actually affecting the company's overall growth, revenue, and bottom line. Too many marketers don't include financial information within their marketing reports, and that's exactly where they're making a mistake.

That is the information the C-Suite wants.

They don't want to hear that a Facebook ad got 2.2k likes and 400 comments. They want to hear about how many actual sales that Facebook ad generated, how much revenue those sales created, and what the actual ROI was of the ad.

Sure, as a marketer, you understand that the likes and comments are necessary parts of the success of your ad, but the executives don't need all of the nitty-gritty details. Be sure you're creating a marketing report that focuses only on the bottom line: how your team is generating customers and making money for the company.

Creating a marketing report for the C-Suite within your company doesn't have to be difficult. Make sure you're focusing on the information that matters to them and they'll be interested in what you have to say. To learn more about a data management software that can help you house and look through the information to include within your report, request a free demo.

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