What Do Modern Marketing Technology Managers Do?

The digital age has evolved marketing and advertising into something completely unrecognizable from years past. First came business websites and, subsequently, search engine optimization. Then came email marketing, and soon after, social media was born. This brought along Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube.

Along with all of these new markets came new jobs such as SEO Specialists, Social Media Managers, Email Marketers, Website Designers, and so much more. One job that has come out of the advancement of digital marketing, and marketing technology as a whole, is that of a Marketing Technology manager.

In 2019, there are so many different facets of digital marketing, and there's software for all of them. Marketing Technology managers focus on a company's martech stack (marketing technology stack), and which tools and software are going to work best together and do the best job for their specific company and their company's specific processes and needs.

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What does a Marketing Technology Manager do?

A Marketing Technology manager is in charge of putting together the ultimate tech stack for a company. It's their job to research new technology and new features of existing technology to determine which is the best fit for the best price. Typically, it falls on the Marketing Technology manager to set up and moderate each of the different types of marketing tech used in the stack. They're then responsible for training the proper staff on the sales and marketing teams who will be utilizing that tool or software more closely.

Furthermore, it's also the job of the Marketing Technology manager to integrate each of the software options together so that they're working seamlessly to create an automated process for the company. They also need to monitor the quality of each of the products to ensure that each piece of software currently implemented is actually doing its job and remains the best tool for that part of the process.

The job of a Marketing Technology manager is incredibly important, especially when it comes to a larger company that relies on the automation and streamlined processes that marketing technology provides.

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Does my company need a Marketing Technology Manager?

Not every company needs to carve out the budget and create a role to hire a dedicated Marketing Technology manager. However, many larger businesses do need that specific role to manage and maintain their martech stack. The larger, and more complex, the stack, the more useful it would be to have a single person or team whose sole focus is the upkeep and improvement of that stack.

It's absolutely essential for your company to have a well-designed and efficient martech stack, and if your technology isn't integrated together properly or keeps having glitches, it can cause interruptions throughout the entire business. If your martech stack isn't working for your business, it's losing money.

However, a successful martech stack can be incredibly powerful and profitable for a company. When you see how much revenue a successful tech stack can generate for your company, creating that new role or team within your company won't seem like an unreasonable investment.

To learn more about potential technology to include in your martech stack, contact us for a free demo of what ReachForce's SmartSuite and SmartForms can do. Your Marketing Technology manager will be amazed.


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