What Are the Key Elements of Conversational Marketing?

A great ad is memorable for a short time, but great dialogue creates lasting experiences. Which impression would you rather have?

Today's consumers have extreme advertising fatigue, so much so that they're practically blind to ads. They quickly scroll past ads and click the "skip" button on video content like it's second nature. 

If you're serious about connecting with your target audience, then conversational marketing is a must.

Not sure how to implement it into your marketing campaign? Let's take a look at the key elements that make up an excellent conversational marketing strategy.

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1. Real-Time Communications

The new generation of consumers that are taking over the market is a new breed. They are savvy, well-connected, and desire instant gratification. Because of this, they no longer want to communicate with brands over the phone. Instead, they desire real-time engagement.

Which tools can you use to appease your audience? The most common options include chatbots, instant messenger, text messages, and social media.

2. Contextual Content

Hopefully, you're familiar with the buyer's journey your customers go through. If so, then you'll find it easy to build contextual content for them. This consists of developing text, visual, and video content that caters to their needs based on where they are in the sales funnel.

For example, you may be creating content for those who are in the discovery stage, consideration stage, and decision stage, but you want to take it a step further with hyper-segmentation.

The more data you collect about prospects, the easier it'll be for your marketers to deliver content personalized just for them. Focus on implementing contextual content into your email marketing, blog content, downloadable content, and social media content.

3. Being Available Everywhere

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How many places are you around the web? If all you have is a website and one social media profile, then you're slimming your pickings. Consumers are looking to interact with brands any and everywhere possible. This is why having an omnipresence is critical to your success. People expect to engage with your brand on your website, multiple social media sites, text message, and in-store if you're a brick-and-mortar.

If they're in your store, they're likely browsing for prices on their mobile device. Plus, it's common for prospects to search your site for a product and then purchase in-store. Also, having cross-channel attribution is vital to understanding your audience and how to deliver the contextual content we discussed earlier.

4. Pre-Qualification Process Using AI

What makes conversational marketing worth investing in is the fact it pre-qualifies leads. You can use a combination of chatbots and real-time messaging to learn about a prospect before they speak with a salesperson.

AI is a must-have because it allows prospects to engage with your brand 24-7. The bot will ask all the right questions and then segment the lead based on their answers.

With intelligent routing and booking, the majority of the work is done by the bot and ensures your salespeople are only speaking to hot leads.

5. Quality Data Management for Your CRM

It's impossible to make conversational marketing work without proper data management. If the quality of your data is poor, then you'll struggle with maintaining the information you collect from your chatbots.

You can forget about making contextual content work for your audience if your data is dirty. By using a tool like SmartSuite, you can ensure the qualification process your AI performs is seamless. Otherwise, your salespeople will find closing deals more challenging than it should be.

Improve Your Sales with Conversational Marketing

What are you doing to align your marketing and sales initiatives? With conversational marketing, you're able to collect data to enhance your marketing and pre-qualify leads to make closing deals a breeze for your salespeople.

By adding these key elements to your strategy, you'll be on the road to boosting your revenue.

Why not start by building a foundation of clean data? Break the Cycle of Dirty Data today with ReachForce!

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