Using Consumer Reviews to Grow Lead Generation

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How important are consumer reviews to your business? 

If you're a B2B company, then you may be ignoring critical data that affects your company - like the fact that 95 percent of shoppers read online reviews before buying a product or service, and another 72 percent of buyers won't take action until they've gone through reviews first.

What does this have to do with B2B lead generation?

Well, you can't ignore that business owners are also consumers and exhibit the same behavior. For example, 92 percent of B2B buyers are more likely to buy after reading a trusted review. 

Sound familiar?

Let's take a closer look at how you can use testimonials to boost your credibility, trust, and profits. 

How Customer Reviews Translate to Sales

If the majority of your prospects rely on peer reviews before considering a brand, then it's undoubtedly something you want to include as part of your marketing strategy. 

By increasing the number of positive reviews you have for your business, you increase the chance of scoring more leads. There are three reasons testimonials work, and they all relate to increasing your bottom line by:

  • Converting 58 percent more prospects
  • Generating 62 percent more revenue per website visitor
  • Increasing order sizes by 3 percent

What if there was a way you could proactively grow the number of online reviews for your business?

How to Generate Reviews to Improve Lead Generation (& Conversions)

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There are many ways you can grow your number of online reviews organically. We do recommend doing things authentically, so avoid paying for testimonials. 

The best way to go about getting organic reviews is to ask your customers to share their story. They can do this in the form of text or video. Then they post it on a popular platform like Yelp, Google Local, and Angie's List. 

If you can decide where they publish, you should opt for B2B-relevant sites such as Software Advice, G2Crowd, and TrustRadius. These sites are geared toward B2B customers who are looking for quality software and services (and trusted reviews regarding them). 

So how do you go about soliciting clients for reviews? If you have an email campaign, you can send out an email after a week or so to ask how they like your product or service. Be sure to include a link to where they can submit their review. You can also send them a card with the link (if you sell physical goods). 

Empowering Your Brand By Sharing Testimonials

The online reviews your customers publish will gain traction, thanks to SEO and search engines. To capitalize on these reviews, you want to share them on your platforms. 

For example, you can share testimonials on:

  • The homepage of your website
  • Social media profiles 
  • Testimonial videos shared on YouTube or website
  • Downloadable case studies (great lead magnet!)
  • Testimonial page on your website
  • Landing pages

The list goes on. The more you spread your reviews around, the better it'll be for business. 

Building a Robust CRM for Soliciting Online Reviews

Now, if you want to make this work for your lead generation, then you need an email list for your customers and a database that's kept clean to ensure your contacts are fresh and accurate. 

If you have a product or service that takes time to implement, then you'll need the correct emails to reach out to inquire about an online review. One way you can achieve this is with SmartSuite, a platform that cleans your data with up-to-date names, emails, addresses, positions, and so on. 

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