Top Data Quality Myths Busted

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding good data quality practices and what businesses need to be doing. Because data quality is our specialty, we want to address a few of these myths and talk about what the facts actually are.

Because every business needs to be working with some kind of data management system that assists with data quality, this is a great topic for a wide range of companies. Let's learn more about the top data quality myths.

Myth facts.

Myth 1. Data quality is not important.

We're really not sure who started perpetuating that myth, but it's completely and utterly incorrect. Data quality is actually incredibly important, and it should be on the minds of every single higher-up at your company. The quality of your data is equal to the quality of your customer.

If you have a customer service representative inputting information about a customer that's called in and a marketing account manager inputting information about that same customer, your business needs a data management software that will allow that information to be seen by all involved parties so that every member of the company who touches your customers is on the same page. Otherwise, the customer could end up with conflicting answers to their issue and lose trust in your business.

Truth: Data quality is extremely important to maintain a good relationship with your leads and customers.

2. Fixing data quality issues is easy.

Do you realize how much data your company likely goes through? Even for small businesses, regular opt-ins and contact form submissions can cause a lot of data to go in and out of your company. For larger businesses, the amount of data is exponentially more.

It's not an easy fix when there's dirty data, duplicate data, or outdated data.

In fact, many businesses who don't invest in proper data management software that helps to automatically clean data and keep it up-to-date don't even realize how dirty their data actually is. However, these software tools have tons of very specific pieces of code written to help them manage data. 

Truth: Unless you have someone on your team that is skilled at writing scripts to clean up your data, it's not as easy as people seem to think.

Earth from space.

3. Once data is clean, it stays clean.

Customer and lead data is constantly changing. People move, change phone numbers, buy new cars, go bankrupt, change names, and more. That means that the data you once collected from a person might be completely different one, three, or five years down the road.

Even if you had crisp, clean data at one point, it's impossible for it to always stay that way. This is why it's so important to invest in a data management system that helps to regularly clean and update data. You don't want to send out a retargeting campaign to past customers to a collection of wrong email addresses and names. That's not a good look for your business.

Truth: Data must be continually updated, cleaned, and maintained for best results.

Learn more about data quality and how it affects your business by requesting a free demo of our data management software.

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