Tech Stack Success: 3 Real-World Case Studies

Having a good tech stack is essential to the modern enterprise. With the amount of marketing you're doing utilizing every possible avenue of digital, you need marketing technology that is going to help you generate leads, nurture them and lead them through the sales pipeline, and close those leads...all while keeping your data clean and maintained.

Here at ReachForce, we regularly work with modern enterprises to improve your martech stack, to help manage your data, and to keep your data clean and up-to-date. 

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Healthy data is so important to a marketing strategy, and that's why enterprise companies like Huron, Marketo, and Serenova trust ReachForce to help manage and effectively maintain their customer data.

Each of these companies has seen proven results thanks to ReachForce. Learn more about each of these real-world case studies in tech stack success.


Huron is a global consultancy, helping its clients to improve performance and drive growth within the markets they serve. Huron came to ReachForce because, while they'd collected a massive amount of data over the years, this data wasn't maintained, it wasn't reliable, and it wasn't properly utilized.

In this modern age, where companies have access not only to a plethora of big data within their industry but also to incredibly specific bits of data surrounding their own customers and target market, those companies need to understand how to properly use that data to create a data-driven marketing approach.

Before ReachForce, Huron was only utilizing bits and pieces of this data for "random acts of marketing" instead of creating and implementing an overall strategy. They realized they needed to make a change within their own marketing to create a more unified and holistic method. During an evaluation of their own marketing strategies, Huron discovered that their data was being kept separate based on different business groups and other criteria, giving them no way to have a complete view of their customer information.

Huron reached out to ReachForce to help them reimagine their data management and create a new plan for using their data for marketing. 

The ReachForce team focused on reuniting all of their data so they would be able to look at everything as a whole, rather than individual segments. Instead of these "random acts of marketing," ReachForce worked to help Huron create a strategic and scalable marketing program that would allow them to streamline their sales pipeline and increase their overall lead generation and revenue.

Huron already had a foundation for solid data-driven marketing, but ReachForce was able to work with them to establish a rich data structure that allowed the company to really hone in on their account-based marketing tactics and provide even more advanced, accurate reporting.

In the end, Huron has generated $255 million in revenue and over 1,200 qualified leads. Their VP of Marketing said it best: "Without accurate and rich data, it is nearly impossible to ensure that every buyer interaction with a brand builds on where the last interaction left off. Marketing’s ability to drive meaningful growth for their organizations depends on the quality of the data they start with. For marketing to be a growth driver for an organization, first invest in the data."


Anyone who has done some work or research in the marketing space has likely heard of marketing automation software Marketo. They've done an incredible job of making a name for themselves in the martech industry, but even specialists in the industry have problems that only quality data can solve.

Because Marketo focuses on marketing to marketers, they know some of the best practices when it comes to contact forms. Form length can really make a difference in the number of leads, so the company decided to shorten their inquiry forms in order to increase lead generation. However, that caused them to face another problem entirely: the quality of these leads wasn't quite as strong.

When they were only gathering name, email, and company, Marketo noticed that they were struggling to keep up with the same quality of lead and follow-up process.

This is where ReachForce came into the picture.

In order to keep up with form best practices, Marketo needed to keep the shortened forms. But they also needed to increase the quality of their leads. They knew there had to be a way to do both, and that's why they added ReachForce's SmartForms solution to their martech stack.

With SmartForms, Marketo is able to keep the short forms that work so well to increase the number of leads the company receives, while also appending even more data to their forms to increase lead quality. This includes critical data for Marketo's sales and marketing teams to be able to properly nurture and follow up with their leads and close more sales.

If your company is struggling with a decrease in lead quality since adhering to some other digital marketing best practices, like shortening your forms to increase overall lead generation, learn more about what SmartForms can do for you.

For Marketo, SmartForms helped them to increase conversion rates by a whopping 34%, boost ROI by 10%, and improve business development productivity by 23%. In their words, "It's not often we find a solution that dovetails quite as neatly with our core values and promises to our clients. SmartForms is one of the few that fuses both marketing best practices and clear revenue implications to the point that we actively promote it as an element of our secret sauce for marketers."

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Serenova is a popular contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) that offers its clients a way to revamp their customer support experiences. They've worked with the same sales processes for some time but realized that they needed to utilize real-time data enrichment to help them automate the process.

Because ReachForce loves all things data, Serenova naturally came to the ReachForce team to help with their data management. Their challenge was that they lacked the actual data needed to create a successful account scoring model, which was their end goal. While some companies utilize ReachForce because they have too much data and can't keep up, others end up working with us to actually increase their data accrual. 

While they were constantly collecting data, they simply didn't have the manpower to do something with that data, leaving them with nothing. Instead of having to create and hire for a dedicated role in data quality, Serenova decided to check out our SmartForms solution.

SmartForms helped Serenova to automate the process to free up their sales team even more and ensure that the company was collecting high-quality data, inputting it into the correct areas, giving the team exactly what they needed to focus on closing the leads. The SmartForms process relies on appending contact and account data (this can include anything from demographic to firmographic to technology data) to web form submissions so that the sales team knows exactly how to target and follow up with their new leads.

Similarly to Marketo, their old forms used to be long and tedious to fill out, causing them to lose valuable potential leads and customers. By shortening their forms, but still utilizing SmartForm by ReachForce within their martech stack, they're able to have the best of both worlds: shorter forms that don't turn customers away with all of the data they need to work those leads.

Working with ReachForce, Serenova multiplied their overall lead generation by 12.5, doubled their sales pipeline production, and quadrupled their average lead size over the last year and a half. Not only that, but their targeted opportunities have increased from 2% of their pipeline to 27%. Their Senior Vice President of Marketing had this to say about their experience: "Using SmartForms in an innovative way gives us a huge competitive advantage by allowing a more strategic view of an account and its lifetime value."

How Working With ReachForce Creates Tech Stack Success

You, too, can have results similar to these three case studies. If your company is looking for ways to ramp up your martech stack, improve data management processes and data quality, and increase lead generation and closed sales, talk to us to learn more about our SmartSuite and SmartForms solutions.

Our software works to help companies exponentially increase their overall lead generation, learn more quality information about those leads, close more sales, and ultimately increase revenue for the company year after year.

Including ReachForce within your martech stack is key to tech stack success. Contact us today for a free demo.


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