Sales Hacks: Teams That Use Data to Their Advantage Are More Efficient and Productive


If your organization has a strong marketing and sales alignment, then you know what the new trends and buzzwords are in each other’s departments--and you’ve definitely heard of the issues caused by dirty data. The dirty data problem does not only affect marketing, but sales as well. Clean data is important to all sales roles (not just the sales operations manager) so its important for sales to learn how to use it to close more deals.

Here are the top 7 ways that dirty data can affect your prospect and customer outreach, and not to mention, your reputation.


How many times have you reached out to a prospect to only find out they no longer work there, or even worse, their name isn’t the one you called them? That’s a personalization fail due to bad data.

2. Sending direct mail to the wrong person

There have been several times I’ve gotten mail that was meant for a colleague but sent to me. No, I don’t think your payroll planning widget will be helpful in my demand generation strategy. Thanks for the free phone charger, though.

3. Territory Assignment

We can all agree that re-assigning a lead in your CRM after learning the HQ is in a different state than what was listed is annoying. Life would be better if leads were originally assigned to the correct salesperson.


4. Transforming data into insights and KPIs

With accurate data, dashboards can be created to give sales executives a holistic view of their pipeline, quota attainment, territory, and win rate. From there, further insights can be gleaned from a dashboard fueled by clean data.

5. Improve sales productivity

Per above, with accurate dashboards you can analyze the similarities of your closed accounts so you can provide packaged data of accounts with the same characteristics to sales. That way they can increase their activity with these accounts and have a better chance of making their revenue number.

6. Account-based selling (ABS)

You don’t want to be fishing for what you think is a whale, but it turns out to really be a goldfish. Make sure your ABS strategy is targeting the right accounts with your organization's target personas criteria to ensure a more successful experience.

7. Save time and resources

At the end of the day, your time is the most important asset to the sales department. Don’t waste your time weeding through the data when you could use it towards something more productive —like closing a deal and taking home that cash.

Life is better with a clean CRM database. Don’t let dirty data waste your time through faulty personalization, multiple reassignments, and irrelevant sales pitches. Be your sales team’s hero by using ReachForce’s data quality management tool, SmartSuite, so that your team can spend more time prospecting and less time figuring out the best way to generate revenue.

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