SmartSuite Product Enhancements Q32018

At ReachForce, we know that there is always room for improvement. That’s why we listen to our customers and their recommendations to deliver our best product yet in Q3. Any enhancement, update, or even minor bug fix we make on the SmartSuite platform is to help simplify your data management processes so that your data is campaign-ready at all times.

We are always looking for new ways to innovate and create tools to make your job a little easier. Here, we will share what’s new in your SmartSuite dashboard and how you can use it to enable your marketing and sales data strategy.

SmartForms Enhancements

  • Testing Improvements: You can now check for URLs that have the SmartForms 4.0 code on the page even if the URL has not been authorized. This also gives you permissions to approve/disapprove these unauthorized URLs.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 3.00.14 PM

List Upload Enhancements

  • Custom Translations: Similar to the translations or custom values you have for SmartForms and/or Data Refresh, you can now create custom translations within List Upload and begin to standardize and append field names across SmartSuite.

  • Ex: Instead of seeing exact employee count, you can now create custom ranges for these fields:

Original Field New Custom Field
Employee count: 32 Employee count: 0-50


  • All Contact Enrichment fields are now available in List Upload: Originally, List Upload did not contain all the Contact Enrichment fields available in our full workbook. Now, all those fields will be accessible when processing lists.

  • Retain all fields from initial list: Previously, the List Upload results file only returned columns that were mapped for matching purposes and the enriched fields, dropping any other columns in the input file. Now, all unmapped columns in your original CSV file will be preserved in the List Upload results.

  • Limit the fields returned: We have a lot of fields available to you (180+) but not all of those are relevant to you or are fields that you have created in your MAP or CRM. So rather than be overwhelmed with too many fields that you will not use, you can now ask ReachForce support to create a “skip” rule which will tell the system to exclude indicated fields in the results file. This will streamline your process for uploading the data to your MAP or CRM.

Not using List Upload yet? Contact your CSM to learn more about it.

Audience Builder Enhancements

  • Spread the requested count of contacts results across accounts: Results will be spread across all provided accounts, instead of only one.

  • Account list IDs: Include “account IDs” for each account uploaded in an account file, which will be included on the contact record for any returned as a result of an account search.

  • Allow for lower counts in contact slider: The slider can now be adjusted by increments lower than 100. Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 3.06.07 PM

Ready to start using Audience Builder? Ask your CSM how you can start using it today.

Data Attribute Enhancements

  • SEC Filing Data: We continue to add third party data vendors to enhance the quality of our data offerings. Most recently we have SEC filing data to improve our employee counts and revenue so that we can offer to most accurate data to fuel your marketing strategies.

In addition to these enhancements, we’ve made improvements to the SmartSuite UI so can easily access our knowledge base, our Data-Driven Marketing and Sales Blog, and our other resources.

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