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Today we announced the release of the first end-to-end data management solution, SmartSuite, a solution that empowers organizations of all sizes to take a data-driven approach to sales and marketing activities. SmartSuite brings together our existing solutions SmartForms and SmartManage, plus a few new tools and features. We’ve adopted a “data first” approach so that marketers can verify, standardize, and enrich their data to enable their marketing strategy, from account-based marketing (ABM), segmentation, and personalization, we got your marketing data and strategy covered.

The SmartSuite solution initially addresses an organization’s data quality with an initial database cleanse, which is then routinely verified for accuracy and completeness of the data. In addition, SmartSuite goes above and beyond just data quality--it also allows marketing teams to upload lists from offline channels such as events and validate and enrich the data prior to importing the leads to a customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation platform (MAP) tool (the ReachForce team has been using this feature--and let me tell you, the value of leads from offline activities is better than ever). We know that having reliable data from the initial point of acquisition is a priority for sales and marketing teams, which is why we’ve made these product updates.


A Closer Look at SmartSuite Features

1. Get Your Data in Check with a Health Assessment

Not sure of the health of your database? We provide a detailed report of the state of completeness and accuracy of your existing database. No matter how bad the state of your CRM or MAP is, SmartSuite’s got you covered.

2. Give Your Database a Fresh Start with the Initial Data Cleanse

Give your database a good cleaning with the Initial Data Cleanse. This feature verifies, standardizes, and enriches your entire contact and account data to make sure it’s up to campaign-ready standards.

3. Ensure new contacts are validated and enriched with SmartForms & List Upload

Data enters most databases with 25% critical errors. But ReachForce customers stops those errors from ever entering the database. SmartForms continues to be a powerhouse tool, offering real-time append of 150+ contact and account data on new leads, contacts, and accounts with just a line of javascript in the back end of your form. In addition to being a part of SmartSuite, SmartForms continues to be sold as a standalone product.

The new List Upload feature allows you to apply the same power offered to inbound leads with SmartForms to those created through offline channels such as events, content syndication, or other 3rd parties. This will improve customers ability to track ROI of these tactics by identifying the quality of the leads generated.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.11.07 PM

4. Make sure you Database is always campaign-ready with Data Refresh

Your data degrades 3-5% every month due to contacts getting new jobs, companies reporting annual revenue changes, or acquisitions, for example. Data Refresh provides you an always-on verification, standardization, enrichment and de-duplication of your database to ensure your data is campaign ready at all times.

5. Build out your audience on-demand [Add-On]

The finishing touch for your ABM strategy. When you identify gaps in contacts amongst your Target accounts, you now have the ability to add new contacts to those accounts on-demand from within SmartSuite. Select criteria for accounts or contacts that you’d like to target for your marketing campaigns. Audience Builder generates a file of accounts/contacts matching those criteria, which includes revenue, number of employees, location, industry, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.13.02 PM

What else is new?

  • ReachForce also continues to improve the quality and completeness of our data available to customers. Because of this, we are adding SEC filing data for public companies. Due to the accuracy of this data, it is ideal for improving the accuracy of information such as annual revenue.
  • We previously announced contact enrichment as an add-on to ReachForce solutions. Contact Enrichment will now be available to all customers in order to enrich contact level data such as job role, function, education, and more.

What this means for your business

ReachForce recognizes that just because some business’ have leaner marketing functions than others doesn’t mean they don’t have a need for complete data to fuel their marketing programs.

The SmartSuite pricing model scales with the size of your database and low-effort implementations, meaning SmartSuite will save you a pretty penny and in return give you a more marketable database. In addition, your marketing team will receive affordable robust data insights and an on-demand database builder, which has traditionally been out of reach for smaller teams.

“Regardless if you’re one of the largest enterprises or a B2B startup, the burden that poor quality data places on growth remains the same,” said Dion Cornett, CEO of ReachForce. “We’re excited that our new innovative platform is able to address so many of the data challenges shared by our customers. Intuitive ease-of-use, extended functionality, and better data mean more successful campaigns and greater revenue.”

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