Marketing Tools Your Business Needs in 2019

Year after year, new data management tools and marketing automation software pop up in the digital marketing industry. Though you may already have your martech stack set up, it's still a good idea to shop around for new marketing tools that might work better or be more affordable than what you're currently using.

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Not sure where to start? Here are a few great marketing tools your business needs in 2019.

1. Social Media Marketing

First things first, you need to focus on your social media marketing. This is one of the most basic parts of digital marketing, but it does still require some marketing tools and software in order to improve the strategy and make social media marketing much easier for your marketing team.

Tools are available to schedule content, track progress and analytics, monitor online conversations, and more.

Here are a few great options for your social media marketing software.

- Buffer: Initially a social media scheduling tool, Buffer has since grown to offer even more. With scheduling, analytics, and monitoring, it's a great all-in-one service for your company.
- HubSpot: Another great comprehensive tool for enterprise businesses, HubSpot offers marketing, sales, and service options for small to large companies, though their service is best for larger ones.
- Sprout Social: This is a third social media marketing tool option for both small or large businesses.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important digital marketing strategy. Utilize a good email marketing platform and/or CRM to keep track of your emails, contacts, and email analytics (open rates, clickthrough rates, etc.).

In 2019, it's important to have a quality email marketing tool to help you grow your leads and nurture your list to become customers. Here are a few options to consider for email marketing for your company.

- ActiveCampaign: This email marketing software is great for small to medium businesses. It offers seamless email newsletter creation as well as small email automations and series.
- Drip: This email marketing software is very similar to ActiveCampaign in both application and company size.
- Salesforce: This is a great option for large and enterprise level companies. It's a CRM and also offers a multitude of integrations with email marketing platforms, as well as its own marketing automation option, Pardot.

3. Marketing Automation

Now we're diving down into the deeper strategies. Marketing automation is essential for creating digital marketing strategies and campaigns that properly target your audience, generate new leads, and gently nurture them into making a purchase.

Automation helps your company to make tasks easier and quicker so that your sales and marketing teams don't have to spend hours completing things manually. They're instead able to spend their valuable time on things that will actually bring in revenue for the company.

Here are a few marketing automation options:

- Zapier: This website is really incredibly when you're working with two different software that don't normally speak to each other. Zapier helps to create zaps that trigger actions between two different services and is a huge help for automation.
- Infusionsoft: This is a great sales CRM/email marketing platform (similar to Salesforce), but it's also incredibly robust and includes a lot of options for marketing automation.

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4. Data Management

Last, but certainly not least, you need to focus on data management in 2019. Make it a plan this year to center your marketing campaigns around your customer data. A data management software can help you to target your audience more precisely, send out automations to the proper segments, and more.

To learn more about how data management can change your company's marketing, request a free demo today!

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