Kick Off the New Year with Clean Data

The new year is always a great time to reflect on your progress and how you want to move forward. One thing you really want to look into is your data quality. Kicking off the new year with clean data is a great way to start 2019.

Let's dive into what data quality really means, and how your company can do a data quality check this new year.

Data hygiene

What is data quality and why does it matter?

Data quality refers to the amount of incorrect information, misleading fields/categories, and more that you have in your CRM or data management software. Incorrect data, or dirty data, can have a negative impact on your company's sales and marketing. Depending on the severity, poor data quality can cause anything from customer annoyance to actually losing customers.

This is because incorrect data in your CRM can cause the wrong campaigns to go out to the wrong people, automations to be sent incorrectly, and sales pitches to be made at the wrong point of the buying process.

Knowing that you can rely on the data within your CRM so that there are little to no errors in your campaigns and automations is key to marketing success.

Data hygiene

How do you clean your marketing data?

Let's talk data hygiene. How can you ensure that your CRM hasn't run amok with false information? First, it's important to set data standards.

This means everyone who touches the data within your CRM needs to be on the same page with what each category or tag means for each customer, how to mark certain information for particular leads/customers, what abbreviations need to be used when/where, and so on. Creating standards that everyone must adhere to is the first step to ensuring your data stays clean.

You also want to minimize the ability to make mistakes or typos at the source. When checking out, require that customers verify their email address or shipping address before completing their purchase. Allow forms to auto-populate information they've saved to memory from their user's habits.

Next, you want to regularly do a data quality audit. Cross-check for any duplicate entries within your CRM or data management software. Make sure all fields are filled out properly. Take note of anything that doesn't add up and bring it to the attention of the account manager or anyone else who has handled the entry.

Pay attention to bounced emails or returned mail if you're running email and/or direct mail campaigns. Clean out all old emails and addresses so that your data stays as up-to-date as possible. Make sure sales account managers are keeping up with any important changes to customer information.

Unsure of how your data quality checks out? Break the Cycle of Dirty Data and request a data health assessment today. We'll help you get on the right track this new year so that your CRM or data management software has nothing but impeccable data and customer information. Get your free health assessment now!

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