Is Your Tech Stack Built on Clean Data?

When you're getting started creating the perfect tech stack for your company, there are a lot of different things you need to consider. First of all, you have to factor in your marketing budget for technology and software. You have to keep your goals and objectives in mind. You have to consider the foundation on which you're building your tech stack.

Think about it this way. When you build a house, you have to start with the foundation. If you want a sturdy house, you must build a strong foundation. When it comes to your tech stack, this means the data upon which it is built must be clean, reliable, and properly managed.

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How do you create a strong foundation for your tech stack? Here are a few tips to help.

1. Start with clean, quality data.

The best way to ensure your data hygiene stays clean is to input clean data into your data management system from the start. By appending data to your forms and ensuring there are no mistakes when your form submissions and other customer data gets input into your data management software or CRM, you're starting your foundation off on the right foot.

2. Build a team around your tech stack.

More than hiring a Marketing Technology Manager, build a team surrounding your marketing technology and its functions. In most instances, the martech stack is managed by the marketing team. Be sure that you're building a team that understands how all of your martech works so that everything continues to run smoothly and maintain its streamlined processes. 

If you find the right team members that work together well and also work well with your martech stack, you'll be able to keep utilizing the technology that works best for your business for years. Not only that, but your team will be able to adapt easily to its new features, updates, and more.

Man looking at a table with graphical data displayed.

3. Measure your results.

Once you hit tech stack excellence, it will be conveyed throughout the company. Finding the ultimate tech stack for your sales and marketing teams helps to increase overall lead generation, nurture leads faster and easier, and close sales, almost completely on autopilot.

Of course, there's still the need for human touch along the way, but automation and integration within your martech stack makes it possible for this process to become absolutely seamless. Be sure to measure your results to show off to the rest of the company what the power of marketing technology, AI, and data management can do for sales and lead generation. The value of a good martech stack can increase ROI tenfold, which is always exciting news to bring to the other departments within a company.

To learn more about data management, contact us for a free demo. After all, tech stack success starts with a strong foundation. To secure a strong foundation, you need clean, quality data.


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