Improve Lead Generation with Effective Video Marketing


They say a picture's worth a thousand words. What is a video worth? According to stats, it means a lot to B2B companies.

Person looking at a video on their phone.

People are naturally visual beings. So they're attracted to colors, human faces, and beauty. The only thing more captivating than an image is a motion picture. That is why online video is the most engaging content on social media. To further prove its value, videos attract 300 percent more traffic. Plus, it helps nurture leads. 

Then we see 52 percent of marketing professionals claiming that video yields the best ROI (compared to other forms of content). 

How can you effectively implement video marketing into your strategy?

Develop a Strategy Around Your Video Content

One way to use video to build buzz and traffic to your website is to create a content strategy. This means you need a clear plan for creating a series of videos and then promoting them. 

Each video you create should have a purpose that helps drive engagement. Maybe you can create a series of how-to videos that teach your audience how to overcome common problems. 

You can also create a series of case studies or testimonials to show how past customers were able to improve their business using your product or service. 

The key is to develop content specifically for your audience in different parts of the sales funnel. If you're targeting top-of-the-funnel visitors, then you want educational videos. Those near the bottom will find case studies more relevant. 

Promoting Your Video Content

Once you have your strategy in place, it's time to start promoting your content. You can do this by advertising it on your blog. With a content marketing plan established, you can promote your blog content on social media and via guest blogs. Then when visitors find your content, they also find your videos. 

Another option is to use paid ads, such as PPC (pay-per-click). These allow you to get eyes on your videos more quickly since they're visible the day you publish them. Now, this may cost more money over time, so consider using it as a short-term strategy. 

Building Email Lists with Gated Content

Person creating a video with their phone.

One of the most effective methods for lead generation is using gated content to build email lists. With a list of subscribers, you can continuously reach out and nurture prospects into customers. When you combine this tool with video, then you create a compelling lead magnet. People are willing to give up their names and emails for free content they find valuable. 

Another alternative is to use the video to get new email signups. For example, you can allow visitors to view the video, which convinces them to complete your form. If you decide to go this route, then consider using a tool like Wistia's Turnstile, which enables you to insert CTAs throughout the video. 

Wondering where you should put the CTA? Then check out the following stats:

  • 16 percent conversions for CTAs in the beginning (but limits video views)
  • 3 percent conversions for CTAs at the end (allows more views)
  • 43 percent conversion for CTAs at 10-20 percent of the way through the video

From this study, it makes sense to place turnstiles within the video versus at the beginning or end. Just work on a great opening that hooks your viewers. Then promise to deliver valuable info that'll help them overcome a pressing issue -- but only if they fill out the form. 

It's Time to Beef Up Your Video Marketing Strategy

Now's the time to start or enhance your strategy for video marketing. If you're serious about lead generation, then you need to develop a content plan for videos. It's what's driving traffic and conversions for B2B brands. 

Hopefully, you already have an email campaign set up to collect valuable details about your visitors. If so, then consider using SmartForms to enrich your data in real-time. Then, to keep your data fresh, you can implement SmartSuite and never have to deal with bounced emails again. 

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