How to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

When you're working to generate leads for your business, there are many different routes you can take. One of our favorite strategies is using a resource you already have: your website. What if you could make a few tweaks on your website and multiply the number of leads and contact form submissions your company receives exponentially?

By optimizing your website for lead generation, you can do exactly that. Here are a few ways to update your website to help increase the number of leads and prospects you bring in.

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1. Add forms to popular pages.

By using your website analytics, like popular pages on Google Analytics, you can easily determine which of your pages receives the most traffic. Whether it's a blog post or an informational page about your products/services, it's a great idea to add a form to your top pages in order to generate more leads and conversions from the people who are already on your site.

Sure, they could easily click over to your contact page to get more information. But why not make it as easy as possible, and add a form onto the pages to which they're already navigating?

2. Add a call-to-action on your homepage.

It's always a surprise to us how many businesses have the Contact tab in their navigation as the only call to get in touch with them. And it's not even a very strong call. It's kind of like saying, "here's a link to get in touch with us, but only if you want to, no pressure."

Instead, you want to say, "HEY! Let's talk about how our business can help you!" Add a call-to-action to other areas of your homepage and draw their attention to those places. Include an action button in your menu that says "Make an Appointment" or "Shop Now" or "Free Consultation." Use your homepage slider as a call-to-action. Include a banner below the fold that contains contact information. Utilize all three of these ideas together. Just make sure you give your website visitors a clear idea of where to go to get more information.

Lead generation

3. Create content upgrades for your blog content.

Content marketing is the strategy of utilizing content to generate inbound leads and customers. This includes blog content, ebooks, infographics, and more. Every business should have a blog to share important information about their company and industry to show their audience that they know what they're doing.

You can go above and beyond by adding exclusive content, or content upgrades, to popular blog posts. If you see that a blog post is generating a good bit of traffic and social shares, take greater advantage of those potential leads by adding an ebook, white paper, or case study to the end of the blog post that readers have to submit their email addresses to receive. This is a great way to increase lead generation from blog post readers that might otherwise have left your website without handing over any method of contact.

Utilize your website to help increase lead generation for your business. This can help increase the amount of customer and lead data your business brings in, ultimately improving your data-driven marketing efforts. To learn more about data marketing, check out our ebook: B2B Marketing Data & Technology.

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