How to Get More Qualified Leads into Your Lead Capture Forms

There are times when your lead generation goal is simply to get as many new leads as you can. As a brand new business, you want to reach as many people as possible. If you're ramping up your email marketing, you may also want to grow your list more quickly with less qualified leads. 

Then there are times when you'd prefer to bring in more qualified leads and have the company's sales team spend less time nurturing and converting.

So how do you go about generating more quality leads, right from the start? 

Lead generation

Let's dive in and talk about how you can consistently find more qualified lead prospects through your lead generation strategy.

1. Create content that your visitors want.

The whole point of content marketing is to create and deliver content that your audience actually wants to see. Although you may be thinking that you're delivering content that your followers are interested in, you should be double checking performance and relying on actual data and analytics to know for sure.

Taking a look at your Google Analytics and customer data might actually surprise you. Particular blog posts and landing pages that you didn't think were popular may actually reel in a good bit of web traffic. And blog posts that you thought may have performed well may not be as successful as planned.

This is why it's so essential to keep an eye on reporting so that you are always up-to-date on what your website visitors actually want to read and learn. You're going to generate qualified leads by consistently creating content that is in line with what topics your data is proving to be popular.

2. Targeted ad campaigns.

Digital advertising platforms allow for some serious targeting and can be extremely cost-effective considering how well they reach your audience. If you're creating well-targeted ad campaigns, you're going to be able to reach more people who are thoroughly interested in your industry and business.

Lead generation

Creating custom audiences based on people who have already interacted with your business website helps you to draw in even better leads. This is called retargeting and is a great practice for when you're trying to actually close a sale or lead people into a bottom of the funnel pipeline.

3. Longer lead generation forms.

Length matters when it comes to your lead generation forms. The shorter the form, the less qualified the lead. So creating bottom of the funnel landing pages with longer lead generation forms is guaranteed to get people who are much more interested in your product or service than a basic lead generation form that only asks for name and email.

These offers should be much more valuable than a top of the funnel landing page or lead magnet offer. Something like specialized case studies, free product/service demos, or trial periods of a software are offers in which qualified leads are likely to be more interested than someone who is just starting to shop around.

To learn more about how data can help you generate more qualified leads,  request a free demo of our software. Don't let your sales team waste any more time on bad leads. Start generating pre-qualified leads today.


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