How to Do a Marketing Automation Audit

Although you should be doing an audit of your marketing automation about every quarter or so, what better time to talk about this than at the start of a new year? An audit of something is like an examination of how things are working, what tools are working with what, and what the results look like. 

An audit of your marketing automation means you're going to take a deep look into which tools you're using, how well they're doing, whether there are any tools that aren't being utilized as well as they could be, and even whether there are tools that your company doesn't actually need.

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An audit can (and should) take a good bit of time, but it's important to have a full understanding of what your marketing automation looks like and how it works. Here is what a good marketing automation audit looks like.

1. What marketing automation software is your company using?

Every good marketing team has a martech stack they're using to handle their marketing automation, whether it's for lead generation, email marketing, sales lead nurturing, or other marketing activities. What does your martech stack include? 

2. Is your marketing automation software being used to its fullest extent?

Marketing technology can be pricey, and it is typically one of the largest chunks of any business's marketing budget, so it's important to ensure that money is being used properly. If there's a tool that isn't being used fully, or if its functionality has now been introduced into another tool you use more, don't waste any of your marketing budget on that tool.

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3. Are there new functionalities your marketing automation software have added?

Martech is always changing, always adding new features, buying out other martech, and so on. This means that tools that your company has been using for a while might actually have evolved into something much larger than when you initially found it. Take a minute to look through all of your current martech to see if there are any new features that your company can take advantage of that didn't previously exist.

4. Are there any automations or integrations that have broken?

If you're using third-party tools to integrate with each other, check every month or every quarter or so to ensure that those integrations are still working. Technology isn't perfect, and sometimes bugs or updates can cause issues, so it's important to check these often. Make sure your website pop-up opt-in is still funneling leads into your CRM, or your email marketing funnel triggers are still being hit and automations are still being sent out.

5. Is your reporting accurate and your data clean?

Accurate reporting and clean data are essential to a successful marketing campaign. Make sure that your customer and marketing data is being put properly into your CRM and/or data management software. You want accurate data and analytics that properly convey your results and your customer buying patterns. 

Dirty data leads to issues you don't want to have to handle. Doing a quarterly audit of your data management software with your sales and marketing teams helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page with data entry and that your marketing automation software is doing its job and inputting information into the correct areas.

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