How To Develop Great Marketing Content with a Small Team

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There’s no question that content marketing is an essential part of your overall marketing plan.

And yet, many small businesses have been slow to develop a content strategy of their own. Those that have see pretty incredible returns: according to Content Marketing Institute, small businesses with active blogs see 126% more lead growth than small businesses who do not blog.

The problem for many SMBs isn’t that they don’t see the value in content marketing — it’s that they don’t have the time or structure in place to consistently churn out high-quality material. 

This post shares a few ways small businesses can work with the limited resources they have to develop great marketing content that helps build brand awareness, generate leads, and feeds new customer marketing data into your data management platform

#1. Get everyone involved.

Small businesses often don’t have the luxury of hiring a full-time content writer to write blog posts or other marketing content. Which means it needs to be everyone’s responsibility to generate ideas for your blog, newsletter, and other content streams. From your CEO to your sales team and everyone in-between, make it mandatory that the whole team share ideas for content on a weekly basis. For the people in your company with writing chops, put them to work writing their own blog posts. For the rest, move on to this next suggestion:

#2. Hire freelancers.

Making the investment in freelance content marketers may cost you some money upfront, but in the long-run, you come out on top. Content marketing generates more leads. More leads equal more conversions (and that means more revenue). Freelancers give you the chance to build out a library of high-quality content you can push out on a consistent basis without disrupting your day-to-day workflow at all.

#3. Repurpose content.

Have the opportunity to interview an industry influencer and wondering what format to publish the interview in? Answer: all of them. Videotape the interview to publish on YouTube, record it to release in podcast form and transcribe it for the blog. From that one interview, you get three pieces of content you can share with your audience.

#4. Focus on evergreen content.

It might be tempting to comment on the latest and greatest industry trends, but anything that’s in the spotlight for 15 minutes isn’t worth your content marketing efforts when working at a small scale. Instead, focus on content that can stand the test of time. That way, you can reshare the blog post you wrote two years ago once every few months and it remains relevant. 

#5. Source content from your customers.

Testimonials, case studies, and product reviews can be great content marketing tools you can source directly from your customers themselves. Connect with the salespeople in your organization to find great customer success stories and again, turn those stories into multiple pieces of content (videos, podcasts, blog posts, infographics, case studies, etc.) you can then share with leads and other customers.

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