How to Create Relevant Sales Responses

What do your sales responses have to do with conversion rates? Everything.

If you're not responding to leads on time, then you risk making no contact and losing a potential sale. But even if you're doing a great job of reaching out to prospects quickly, there's another wall to climb: creating relevant sales responses.

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This means you need to perfect delivering sales responses that convert.

How do you do that?

Here are several tips.

Be Ready for Objections and Rejections

No salesperson likes dealing with rejections from prospects. But they do happen. And often. Is there anything you can do about them?

Sure, you can. You need to be prepared to respond in a way that brings back the potential of a sale. For example, you can respond by asking questions like:

If money wasn't an issue, would you be willing to begin using our product/service today?

What's holding you back from purchasing?

When would be a better time for you to buy?

What other priorities does your company have?

These questions can help you to learn more about the prospect's situation. If you see there's a roadblock rather than a distrust or dislike in your product/service, then you can work on helping them get around it.

Watch for Engagement with Sales Emails

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You're sending out segmented campaigns to prospects. But who's opening them and clicking on links?

It's essential to track and measure the engagement with your emails so you can reach out to prospects who have the highest potential.

For example, if you notice one subscriber is consistently opening emails, clicking on links, opening attachments, and so on, then it's time to respond.

Send a personalized email based on the content they're engaging with.

Use the Right Language in Your Responses

Did you know that certain phrases can help or hurt conversion rates? If you want to develop sales responses that convert, then the data shows you should stay away from words like:

  • You
  • I
  • Me
  • Your

And instead use collaborative terms, such as:

  • We
  • Us
  • Our
  • Together

The most successful salespeople are 10 times more likely to use these terms.

Other terms used in sales responses that convert include those that boost confidence:

  • Definitely
  • Certainly
  • Absolutely

As for the worst terms, here are some examples:

  • "Show you how" (close rates drop by 13%)
  • "Contract" (reduces close rates by 7%)
  • "Discount" (lowers close rates by 17%)

These phrases may seem helpful and enticing, but they're over-used by marketers. So today's consumers and business owners aren't as susceptible to them.

Grow Your Conversion Rates with Better Sales Responses

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Have you ever received a call or email from a salesperson that was at the wrong time or entirely off the mark in relevancy?

This can happen because they're using generic sales and marketing campaigns that aren't personalized. And what's more, they lack the data needed to make their communications more personal.

Don't let this be you. The information in your database is losing quality day-by-day. In fact, Marketing Sherpa states that 30% of email addresses go bad within 12 months. And a study from Gartner shows that 3% of your data degrades each month.

With SmartSuite, you can prevent this from happening with regular database cleaning. Not sure if you need it? Then take a free health assessment of your database to see how clean or dirty your data is.

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