How to Create a Contact Page That Converts

There are a few things that every good website should have: 

  • Keyword optimized copy
  • One or two easy-to-read fonts
  • Clear and concise navigation
  • A clean homepage design
  • A straightforward way to contact your company. 

Although a phone number or email address can suffice, the best way to provide your website visitors with an obvious way to contact you is by creating a Contact Page.

Your contact page will include information about where the company is located, all necessary means of contact (email, phone, fax, social media platforms, etc.) as well as a contact form. By providing a plethora of different ways to get in touch with your company, you're giving everyone an avenue for using their own personal favorite means of communication.

How can you increase the amount of traffic driven to your contact page? More importantly, how can you increase the number of people who reach your contact page and actually do what they're meant to -- contact you?

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Let's talk about how you can create a contact page that actually gets people to contact you, instead of clicking the big red exit button and never coming back.

1. Give the people what they want.

As mentioned, you want to provide multiple ways of getting in touch with your company. Sure, you might have email addresses for your team members on your company page. There might be a phone number or email address in the footer.

Think of your contact page as a kind of all-in-one buffet. (Just like Golden Corral, where there's a little something for everyone.) Include a phone number for those who'd rather pick up the phone and call, an email address for those who prefer to do things online, and a contact form for those who don't want to take any further action than typing their message out and pressing "Submit."

2. Use simple design.

Don't clutter up your contact page. Make sure it's easy to find the necessary information and that your contact form is simply and beautifully designed. You want to create something that's visually appealing and makes people want to stay on the page and continue looking at what you have to offer.

Using simple and minimalistic design throughout your website is a great way to maintain a modern website and make it easy for your website visitors to find what they're looking for.

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3. Have fun with your call-to-action button.

Why have a boring old button like "Submit" when you could have something with even more pizzazz? Inserting your company's personality into your contact page (and your website copy and marketing messaging as a whole) is a great way to increase the number of people who want to work with your company and create a connection.

Try something like "Let's chat for free" for a free consultation or "Press me" or "We can't wait to hear from you" to have a little fun with your button!

4. Redirect to a thank you page.

Many contact forms simply disappear and are replaced with a quick little "You'll hear back from us soon!" message. Instead, redirect to a thank you landing page that includes an offer to generate more interest in your business more quickly.

Someone who is filling out a contact form is getting in the mindset to buy. So redirecting them to a page that offers a discount code or flash sale is a great way to convert them into a customer immediately. You can redirect them to a resources page that offers even more information on your company and further solidifies their decision to buy when they hear back from your sales team.

If you're looking for more ways to increase conversions through a contact form and using customer data, contact us for a free demo of our software.

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