How Good Data Quality Leads to Better Persona-Driven Marketing

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Inbound customer data serves modern marketers in a number of different ways. From creating better content to streamlining lead scoring and nurture campaigns, data equals success. But, of all the ways high-quality data delivers value to marketers, its impact on customer segmentation may be the most important. That’s because segmentation creates a more targeted brand experience for your target audience, which in turn results in more sales and better brand loyalty. 

The proof lies in the data: according to MailChimp, segmented email campaigns have a 100% higher click-through rate than non-segmented campaigns. Similarly, ads targeted to leads based on previous engagement with your brand are twice as effective as non-targeted ads. Overall, one study found that a customer segmentation strategy yields a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue.

Admittedly, if you want to do it right, persona-driven marketing takes a bit of work. Luckily, there are a wealth of martech tools on the market today built to streamline that process. But, in order to do so, marketers need to focus on data quality above all else.

Why Data Quality Matters in Persona-Driven Marketing

For companies that don’t regularly conduct data quality health checks, customer segmentation will be — at best —ineffective and at worst...a complete disaster. That’s because the insights you glean from demographic, behavioral, and psychological customer data need to be pin-point accurate to actually have a positive impact on your marketing campaigns. Poor quality data skews the resulting insights, pushing you to make the wrong decisions about everything from:

  • Where, when, and how to contact your audience
  • Buyer readiness
  • The right messaging and offers
  • Personalized content 
  • Targeting display ads

When that happens, your audience ends up receiving communication from you that doesn’t align with their actual goals or buying behaviors. They will either ignore those messages or worse — develop a negative perspective regarding your business.    

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On the other hand, good data quality can do amazing things for your business. By segmenting your audience based on key demographic and behavioral data points, marketers can offer a scaled approach to personalization. That means more customers receiving messaging from your brand that aligns with the information and offers that best resonate with them. 

The First Steps Toward Better Data Quality

The idea of combing through existing data to eliminate duplicates, standardize formatting, and scrub out incorrect or outdated information is daunting. Luckily, a good data management solution — like ReachForce SmartSuite  — will do all that work for you. SmartSuite regularly conducts full data quality health checks on your existing customer information. That means full removal of duplicate data, standardized formatting, and continuous checks for more recent, up-to-date information on your contacts. ReachForce also enriches inbound customer data in real-time, adding supplementary third-party data to your contacts so that you can refine customer segments even further for better, more targeted marketing campaigns. 

To learn more about how ReachForce SmartForms and SmartSuite can help you optimize lead generation and improve your impact on revenue, get your free health assessment today. 

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