How Enriched Data Can Fuel HubSpot's Flywheel

If you’re part of the HubSpot fan club, then you’ve heard of their newly debuted HubSpot Flywheel—which is what they believe to be the best way to turn visitors into clients and then promoters of your business. As a user of HubSpot, I believe it’s important to learn about their methods so that I can use their software to enable my demand gen engine. But since data-driven marketing is also a passion of mine (and my job), I wanted to see what aspects of the HubSpot Flywheel could be empowered by what we do at ReachForce: cleaning and enriching data.


The first thing you need to do when you’re trying to attract visitors is to understand who you want to be driving to your website—AKA, figure out your buyer personas. When you rely on bad, inaccurate, or incomplete data to develop your personas and segment your audience, your efforts will lead to ineffective, leading to inaccurate insights and poor decision making.

Parts of audience building that are affected by your data:

  • Where, when, and how to contact your audience
  • Buyer readiness
  • Resonating messaging and offers
  • Personalized content
  • Targeted ads

Bottom line is, if you’re relying on inaccurate data, you will never truly know your audience.

If you don’t know your audience, you can’t craft impactful content. You should use marketing data to determine what content to create and dynamically deliver to the appropriate contact at the right time. Marketing data tells you what your audience is looking for—look at keyword trends, links that lead visitors to your site, etc. Analyze what types of content has been the most resounding with your current audience and see which ones have been vital in supporting the consumer throughout the buyer journey. Continuously measure the success of your output and adjust your strategy accordingly along the way.



In order to have website visitors stick, you need to create an offer that is valuable enough to them that they will go down the conversion path. As mentioned before, get creative with your CTAs by using marketing data as your compass to guide your company’s messaging and offerings. Know your customer and what they want.

To ensure your landing pages have high conversion rates, go for fewer form fields. Many people abandon forms because they have 4+ form fields (personally, no eBook is worth me filling out ten form fields). Make sure you ask only what is needed for your lead routing/scoring and don’t get too greedy. Lucky for me, I get to use ReachForce’s SmartForms, which enriches leads from the first point of entry into your database—the short line of javascript in the backend of my forms real-time appends 150+ contact and account data—making my forms short and effective!

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Sales is not a one time transaction—you need to build a relationship with your customer and constantly think of new ways to delight them so that they become promoters. Design a customer engagement program with a regular top-of-mind cadence, providing them with new resources that will allow them to become power users of your product. Always listen to them and what they need—being customer obsessed is the only way to success.

As mentioned before, make sure the content and messaging you’re using to touch base with them is resonating and useful. Use their enriched data to provide them targeted content based on their role, industry, and marketing initiatives.

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Go and fly!

The HubSpot Flywheel is a great tool to use as you restructure your business model. Funnels lose their momentum at the bottom, but the flywheel leverages its momentum to keep spinning. Make sure you’re fueling your company’s flywheel with enriched data so that its momentum stays strong and steady.

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