How a Strong Data Management Platform Informs Your Segmentation Strategy

Between 2014 and 2016, 90 percent of the world's data was created. When you take into account that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily, then you can see how massive "big data" is.

For most businesses, this is a growing concern. While marketers need data to drive their campaigns, it can be tough sorting through it all.

How can you tell which data to trust? This issue alone can send your market segmentation strategies into a whirlwind. This is what makes having a data management platform a must. If you're not already using one, then here are several reasons why you should.

Why Every Marketer Should Use a Data Management Platform

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Let's jump right into the top six benefits of using a data management platform:

  1. You can maximize your data assets.
  2. You're equipped to prevent data leakage with partners.
  3. You're able to optimize market segmentation and scale your campaigns.
  4. You can better control advertising costs and boost your ROI.
  5. It's easier to hold marketing and advertising teams accountable.
  6. It equips you for a programmatic future.

Overall, a DMP can improve your data-driven market segmentation campaigns. However, you don't want to use just any platform. You need a DMP that'll clean your data, so it's reliable.

Don't Be Another Dirty Data Statistic

Bad data is costing businesses $3 trillion annually, and that's just in the US. What can you do to prevent bad data from negatively impacting your bottom line?

You can begin by performing a data cleanse. In doing so, you can boost your revenue by 70 percent.

Just look at these facts:

  • 25-33 percent of email addresses become outdated within a year.
  • 18 percent of phone numbers change each year.
  • 20 percent of postal addresses change each year.
  • 66 percent of people change companies or positions each year.

This can make it difficult to maintain a database of trustworthy information, and you risk using outdated data in your segmented campaigns.

Ultimately, this will hurt your bottom line as your promotions and content end up in closed inboxes and wrong mailboxes.

It's Time for Spring Cleaning

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No business should have to put up with these problems. With the right data management platform, you won't need to. Find a solution that'll weed out the inaccurate and outdated data and either delete or update it. Then you need a platform that'll keep your data squeaky clean. Your platform should automatically de-dupe, normalize, standardize, correct, and verify your contact and account data regularly to ensure this. If there are any gaps in data, the platform should work to fill it.

This way, your teams can achieve precise and productive lead scoring and routing. Your marketing teams can execute segmented campaigns with confidence in knowing they'll yield results.

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Where Can You Find a DMP Like This?

You don't have to look far. Reachforce offers the data cleansing, validation, and management solution you need to ensure your market segmentation is always on point. SmartSuite is a full-spectrum data management system that comes with all of the bells and whistles mentioned above.

But it doesn't stop there; if you're using systems like Hubspot, Marketo, and Eloqua, you'll be happy to know you can integrate them into SmartSuite.

The ability to develop effective segmented campaigns consistently is now possible.

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Dirty data is an epidemic that plagues marketing campaigns and business budgets everywhere. You don't have to suffer the same ordeal. It all begins with adopting robust tools that can clean up your data (and keep it fresh). So what's the next step?

It's time to break the cycle of dirty data and start growing your revenue!

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