Essential Information to Include on Your Webinar Landing Page

Webinar landing page

One of the most powerful ways to enhance email lead generation is to host a webinar. Why? Businesses tend to obtain more quality leads from webinar attendees. If someone is willing to sit down and listen to you talk about your industry and what your company does for 30 minutes or an hour, he or she is probably pretty interested in working with you.

This doesn't mean that you can slack on your webinar landing page, though. Quality leads expect quality service from a business, and this means that your business needs to put together a great landing page to really sell your webinar. Think about why should someone invest their time in listening to you speak.

To generate that quality lead, you need to let potential attendees know what they can expect, why it's worth their time, and how they can attend. Let's go over a few more essential items to include on a webinar landing page.

1. Incorporate video into your landing page.

One way to show potential attendees that your webinar is going to be worth it is by creating and sharing a quality video teaser on the sales page. If someone can tell that you haven't thrown up your webinar page in exactly five minutes and thirty-two seconds, they're going to pay more attention.

Everyone always says that video is the go-to medium for everything these days, but your webinar sales page really is the place to do it. Ensure your marketing team has the time and skills to create a quality video, not something that looks like it was shot on a flip phone.

If you want to prove to your audience that you're going to put on an excellent webinar, show off your video skills beforehand. Although a webinar tends to be more like a slideshow, offering a personal touch and introducing yourself beforehand can be a great way to build rapport.

Webinar landing page

2. Show your webinar's value.

Why should anyone spend their time watching your webinar? To sell it to as many people as possible, you need to create a landing page that basically screams value. Share exactly what you'll be covering with your audience (without going into too much detail -- you want them to tune in!), share social proof from previous and current clients/customers, and stay focused on the benefit for your potential attendee. What is your webinar going to do for them?

Create an enticing call-to-action and make sure your copy stays focused on the potential attendee throughout your sales page. Discuss the speakers' credentials, why they're qualified to speak on the topic, and what each person will get out of the webinar should they choose to spend their time viewing it.

3. Include an optimized sign-up form.

Your form is one of the most important parts of your entire webinar landing page. If you ask for too much information, potential attendees might not want to fill it out and will bounce off of your page. If you ask for too little, you might not be able to close the sale. It's important to know just what to include in your sign-up form to have the perfect amount of information in your sales leads database.

If you're looking for more information on how we can help optimize your sign-up forms, request a free demo today! Then watch as your sales and marketing teams close even more sales from your next webinar.


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