Ensuring Your Data Quality in Marketing Automation

When you're generating leads, working with prospects in your sales platform or CRM, and trying to close sales, understanding your customers and their customer data is essential to seal the deal. Bad data or messy data can really hamper your process. This is why it's so important to ensure data quality in all of your marketing to increase marketing automation ROI.

Many marketing automations are based on or triggered by data that is input into the CRM or sales/marketing platform. If that data is incorrect, the wrong automations can get sent out to your leads, thereby confusing consumers and potentially driving away leads. 

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How can you ensure data quality within your marketing automation? Let's go through a few must-dos in your marketing strategy to optimize your data quality and keep data management clean and healthy.

1. Check Your Forms

This is typically the easiest first thing to check and keep under control. Make sure you're asking for only information that your company needs and that you utilize dynamic fields or other tools to help fill in and gather even more data from your leads.

Using dropdowns, checkmarks, and other toggles can make it easier to get consumers to fill out longer forms, as these fields are much easier to complete.

2. Check Your Uploads

If you have multiple people uploading data to your CRM, especially when people aren't completely trained on how to double check uploads and prioritize lists and fields, you can have issues with your CRM data. The best way to counteract this is to assign one person to uploads or ensure everyone uploading is trained the same way so that all data will match across the board.

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3. Be Data-Driven

If data isn't a priority to your marketing team or your company, you're never going to be able to take advantage of all of the things that clean data can offer you for your marketing automation. There's a shortage of data-driven marketers in the industry now, which means there's a shortage of marketers who can actually provide marketing automation ROI for a company and understand more about their consumer and their consumer's buying habits.

Being data-driven helps your company to prioritize data, ensuring that more resources will be available to gather quality data and keep it clean.

4. Clean Your Data

Regardless of how careful you are when gathering data, it can still go stale, or team members can go rogue and upload CRM data incorrectly. Using a data management software can help your business to properly manage and clean your data so that you're only using top-notch data within your processes.

Check in with us to request a Free Health Assessment to see what the quality of your data is currently. Does your marketing team need to work on cleaning up your data to ensure consumers don't receive irrelevant information from your company? Ensuring data quality is a huge step to increasing conversions, sending relevant information to customers, and improving trust in your business.

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