Developing Content for Account-Based Marketing: 5 Tips for Success

How essential is content for your account-based marketing strategy? On one end, we have 78 percent of B2B marketers reporting better marketing success when using higher-quality content.

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On the other side, we see 95 percent of buyers choose brands that provide them with ample content to guide them through each stage of the buyer's journey (according to a DemandGen report).

How do you go about developing content for account-based marketing?

Here are five simple tips you can try today.

1. Create Account Personas

When you adopt an account-based marketing strategy, you're switching your focus from targeting a large crowd (or individual) to a small group. These accounts are grouped based on firmographic details.

For example, one account may consist of CMOs, while another is made up of IT managers.

If you don't already have personas for the different target accounts, then this is a great place to start. Aim to create between three and five personas.

2. Create Personalized Content for Each Persona

Once you have profiles created for each account, it's time to address them. The content you develop should focus on one account only. You'll need to hone in on their pain points and help them over hurdles that block them from making a purchasing decision.

The content you create will differ based on their needs and interests. For example, one target account may respond better to video content, case studies, or a podcast.

3. Create Content for Each Stage of the Buyer's Journey

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Every account will go through the same buyer's journey, but they'll need personalized content to help them through. So you'll need to create content that resonates with them at the exact moment they need it.

For instance, in the awareness stage, you want to deliver content that educates them. This can be a guide or video discussing their problems and solutions to resolve them.

Then in a later stage, when they're considering your product, you can offer case studies or an e-book with real-world examples and use cases that relate to them.

The way you approach it will be different for a CMO than an IT manager since their pain points and needs are unique.

Personalized content for each stage of the buyer's journey is critical:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Bonus: Delight (to earn repeat business)

4. Personalize Your Website Copy

The content on your website should speak to your target accounts immediately. This is impossible if you have a generic home page that's shown to everyone.

There are tools you can use to optimize your website content so that it displays relevant content to each of your target accounts. For instance, you can have a video for an audience that is more susceptible to watching videos, and then an infographic for those who prefer this visual reading.

Having everything available on your site is often better than using gated content tactics. In other words, it's better to have the product demo video, case studies, or other vital content readily available on your home page.

5. Nurture Your Accounts

There are several ways you can nurture leads into a sale. When it comes to accounts, you want to keep in touch with them via email but in a non-salesy way.

When you're nurturing leads, it's about gaining trust. So focus on sending a free report on a topic that matters to them, or invite them to an event that will feature speakers in which they'll be interested.

The better you get to know your accounts, the easier it'll be to cater to them. It'll be like sending letters to an old friend.

Content + Account-Based Marketing = Success

There's no way around it, you need high-quality content to convert your ABM leads. You'll need to do a bit of experimentation to see what formats, topics, and channels work the best.

Now, don't forget that the key to delivering personalized content is having clean data with which to work. If your email addresses are outdated, then you can forget about nurturing any leads.

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