Common Problems Between Your Sales & Marketing Teams (And How to Fix Them)

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Getting your sales and marketing teams to work together is essential to maximize sales and streamline your lead generation and conversion process. However, sometimes sales and marketing feel like they're pitted against each other, rather than being two parts of a process.

If you're feeling like your sales and marketing teams need to work together better, here are a few common problems between sales and marketing and how to fix them.

1. Lack of Communication

Not every company is set up for sales and marketing to be in constant communication like they should be. One way to alleviate this issue is to set up regular meetings between your sales and marketing teams. This way they can discuss current campaigns, how to generate more leads, how sales prospecting is going, what their marketing data and analytics are looking like, and more.

In addition, putting together some sort of communication line between the two teams is essential to streamlining communication and ensuring the two teams are able to talk to each other. This can be done with an online chat service or by putting the two teams physically in a collaborative work environment.

2. Misunderstanding Each Other's Roles

As mentioned, one of the biggest issues sales and marketing teams can have is that they feel like they're in competition. This is actually the opposite of the truth, as sales and marketing should be working together to maximize conversions and efficiency within the company.

Marketing brings in the leads, directs them to sales, and sales closes them. Both are essential parts of the funnel, and competition or misunderstanding between the two teams is only detrimental to the company.

Marketing data

3. Overlapping Goals

This is an issue that needs to be resolved internally. Many executives believe that the sales and marketing teams should have overlapping goals and should both be making sales. This misconception should be addressed because it's only going to cause unrest between the two departments.

Instead of creating overlapping goals for the two teams, the goals need to be separate, but collaborative. After all, streamlined sales and marketing processes are the best way to maximize sales and growth within the company.

4. Culture/Personality Clash

The bottom line is that sales and marketing attract two different types of people. Salespeople are certainly more driven go-getters who are ready for the sales prospecting, lead nurturing and follow-up, and closing of deals to increase their own commission and take-home pay.

Marketing is filled with more reserved creatives who are much less likely to be comfortable making cold calls or sending cold emails. They're handling the inbound side of things while sales is handling the outbound. 

These can mean big differences in personalities, sometimes making it difficult for the sales and marketing teams to work together without butting heads. Incentivize collaboration between the two teams to make them more likely to put aside differences and more willing to work through any potential misunderstandings. By putting an emphasis on collaboration in your company, you can actually help create an atmosphere where the two teams can thrive together.

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