You've Got Mail from Eloqua, Hubspot & Neil Patel

Email subject lines and the drumbeat from Eloqua, Hubspot and Kissmetrics

Great marketing automation is a multifaceted, complex endeavor that done well can be the critical success factor in a more leads, more MQL, more SAL and a faster sales pipeline. Email is a critical piece of the tactical mix. List segmentation and nurture are critical functions of B2B lead routing - and ongoing email campaigns are an outgrowth of that. Capturing prospect attention is getting harder and harder as open rates and CTRs continue to decline.

As you map your content plans for the next few months, ReachForce highlights some of the best B2B email in the business. My own dashboard carefully tracks deliverable rates, open rates, click through and on-page conversion but sometimes I forget to look back at what the mail looks like to the recipient. I got a great reply to my last email from one recipient "Could you stuff any more jargon words in here?" - feedback like that sends you running for guidance and a quick refresher in how to write great letters. Below are some of my B2B email heroes.

My segmentation with Eloqua nurture had me receiving 2 emails per week, all content

Nurture segmentation from Eloqua had me receiving a content drumbeat and webinar invitation stream about 2x per week. One piece that also occurred during this time was the Road to Revenue Tour in Austin. From these subject lines, we can the elevated messaging and the framing of content wells - I especially like the invitiation to join the next installment of the Progressive Marketer series.

Hubspot Inbound 2012 happens August 27-29 in Boston

HubSpot is well-known for their excellent and engaging content mix, demonstrated well here with their mix not only of content offerings, but sender. This drumbeat is twice a week, without fail. Creating great content will surely be an important part of the mix at HubSpot Inbound 2012 conference in Boston next week. There is so much that is right about this:

  • Multiple send names to add interest and authenticity
  • [content type] in subject line gives the recipient a brand driven piece of information about the value
  • General content approach is friendly, helpful guidebooks (I'm clearly in the nurture funnel here).
  • Personalization is a friendly "Hi" instead of "Dear"

Neil Patel at KIssmetrics is the king of email subject lines

Neil Patel of KISSMetrics is one of the most prolific emailers to this Marketing inbox. His cheeky (and sometimes racy) headlines are sure to be noticed, even when they are not opened, and the volume of mail is never annoying -- even though he is the most prolific and frequent of my marketing nurturers - I may get a letter every week day. The quality of the writing overall is compelling, sometimes tabloid in tone, but I am never annoyed by seeing Neil Patel's name in my inbox, even if I often don't have time to read.

As you build your nurture, let us know who you like to look to for best practice in marketing automation and B2B email drumbeat.




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