You're Getting Warmer ... How Marketers are Leveraging Heat Maps for Ultra Hot Lead Generation Results

Are you under the impression that your pathway through your favorite department store is one you chose, probably at random? Do you think it was accidental that you saw that super-duper sale on isle 13, on the way to the restrooms? Think those security cameras above your head were doing nothing more than making sure thieves don't make off with half the merchandise?

Think again.

Security cameras are playing an entirely new role in the retail store, one that benefits marketers and lead generation efforts almost as truly as it helps the stores' loss prevention department. The cameras can generate data on how and where store traffic is heaviest and lightest. From that, a dashboard is generated, allowing marketers to analyze the data in order to make improvements in the store layout and merchandise displays.

How Heat Maps Generate Valuable Data

After generating the dashboard, marketers can continue to analyze traffic patterns to determine how effective their changes were. In addition to altering store layout and merchandise displays, marketers can use this data to determine where to place sale items, where to place signs so that they are most easily seen, and even where to route customers who come in only for certain items or to make use of the facilities.

For the purposes of lead generation, these heat maps can be used to situate QR codes for the maximum effectiveness, place marketing beacons for the highest possible response rates, post information about special deals available on your website, and position other marketing messages related to online lead generation and sales.

How This Data Translates into Powerful Marketing Savvy

Lead generation Do sale items do better front-and-center, or along the top shelf? Should impulse-buy merchandise go by the cash registers, or between the sale racks and the restrooms? Don't guess. Use heat map data to know for sure.

Heat maps can also be used in conjunction with other marketing data for deeper insight into the customer. For example, heat map data can be analyzed together with data from the POS, the website, and data on your shoppers and customers that are gleaned from your lead generation efforts. Just think what kind of insight you could glean from these heat maps when correlated with website traffic or completed Web forms. It can generate a powerful, multifaceted view of your customer that marketers have never had access to before.

Heat maps can be extremely helpful in learning more about your customers - and the more you know about your customers, the easier it is to meet their needs. In addition, heat maps can help you visualize big data so lead generation is simplified. To learn more about how ReachForce SmartForms can help you optimize lead generation and improve your impact on revenue, sign up for a free trial and get a demo today.

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