Your Lead Database Shouldn't Be A Graveyard

Quick tip of the day: don't make your contact database a graveyard.

We're constantly uncovering contacts who have changed positions, moved to different companies, or simply expressed that our solutions aren't a fit for their company. Instead of allowing these dead leads to crowd up our database, we simply back them up and delete them from our instance. This way, our reps don't waste time looking at them, and we save data usage space. If you setup a good process with your sales team, it's easy to do this on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Follow these steps:

  1. Establish lead/contact status flags for any iterations in which you'd like the contact to be flagged for removal (no longer there, company closed, company not a fit, etc.)
  2. Establish a process by which salespeople use these flags during their normal sales cycles.
  3. Create a saved report for leads/contacts that fit whichever of the statuses you'd like to remove from the database.
  4. On as frequent a basis as you like, run this report and save to your computer, network drive or whatever.
  5. Run a mass delete on leads/contacts that fit those same criteria.

This is also a good chance to note the quality of your data, so do it often!

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