Your B2B Landing Pages Aren't Converting; Here's Why

B2B marketing is complex, and may involve working with multiple decision-makers over a long time period. Getting potential customers to your website is only one step in the B2B marketing process. You also have to focus on what happens to prospects after they click and arrive at one of your landing pages.

You want as high a proportion of them as possible to complete your landing page form and insert themselves into your stream of leads. But what if you're not getting the landing page conversion rates you expect? Here are some reasons why your B2B landing pages might not be converting as well as you want.

They Don't Reinforce Your Brand Consistently

Landing pages are different from ordinary web pages on your site, but they're still an integral part of your overall web presence. Therefore they should be brand-consistent, with fonts, colors, wording style, logos, and imagery that are in harmony with your all-embracive branding. Make your landing pages extensions of your comprehensive branding effort, so visitors never have a chance to forget what brand they're interacting with.

Your Call to Action Is Boring

"Submit" and "Click here" are functional call to action instructions in that they get the job done, but you can improve conversion rates with call to action buttons that are worded so that they're relevant to the offer. For example, your call to action button might say, "Download my e-book!" or "Sign me up for the webinar" rather than just a generic "Download" button. Ensure that the button is rendered in a color that makes it stand out visually from the rest of the page.

You're Not Using Testing and Analytics Sufficiently

You're not going to know for sure how to improve landing pages and increase conversion rates if you don't use analytics and testing. An iterative process of test-measure-improve helps you optimize your landing pages, as long as you go about it in a systematic manner so you can identify which changes account for improved conversion rates. Pay attention also to where visitors abandon the conversion path and see if there are patterns that can be addressed.

Keywords, Ads, and Landing Pages Aren't Cohesive

When the content on your landing pages is relevant to your ads and your keywords, you can boost search engine optimization (SEO). This will also increase the relevancy of Google AdWords ads and can improve your ad positioning. Make sure there is cohesiveness among landing page content, ad content, and target keywords for mutual reinforcement among them. Landing page content should be brief and straightforward while still giving visitors reason to provide their information. Set up the problem, talk about the solution (your landing page offer), and deliver what you promise.

Registration Forms Aren't Optimized

Every B2B business will have its own way to optimize registration forms on landing pages. In some industries and with some offers, you can get away with asking for more extensive registration information, while with others, you have to keep landing page forms very brief to have decent conversion rates. This too will require testing to find the sweet spot for your business. Keep in mind that short registration forms can be made to work with data enrichment providers so that even brief opt-in forms are appended with more comprehensive data that gives you richer leads without demanding too much from visitors.


If your landing pages aren't converting at a satisfactory rate, you'll need to use a systematic approach to figure out why and correct the problem. And you can make the most out of every conversion by doing what you can to ensure that the data entered is as complete, accurate, and up-to-date as possible.

SmartForms by ReachForce is a data enrichment service that appends, in real time, enriched data collected from hundreds of millions of up-to-date records. That way your visitors can enter minimal information, but you still get rich leads that you can nurture and target properly. You can be confident that SmartForms data is clean and up-to-date too, so you don't have to worry about manually verifying data or shipping data to third party verification services. Make every landing page conversion count more. Watch the SmartForms demo or sign up for a free trial to see how you can get the most valuable information from every landing page conversion.

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