53 B2B Marketing Predictions for the New Year

We’re continuing to get ready for a big start in 2015. We’re cleaning up our marketing prospect house lists, updating our messaging, building both inbound and outbound content and creating a marketing mix that drives engagement and interest across channels.

It’s the time of year where there are a lot of predictions for the New Year and expected trends rolling out. As we are working on our marketing mix, it’s been interesting to read these and make sure we’re at least thinking about these things. I’ve included most of the posts we read below. They're worth the click.

After reading everyone else’s predictions, we decided to come up with a few of our own. It will be fun to check back in on these throughout the New Year.

So, our 5 BIG Predictions -

  • Big data marketing will get more interesting as we move into 2015 and as we are expected to be more targeted and personalized.
  • With Inbound strategies evolving so fast, outbound targeting and segmenting is going to have to become more fine tuned to maintain it's place in the mix.
  • There will be more and more strategy created around Inbound fueling Outbound via marketing automation.
  • Data unification across all prospect and customer systems will be key to ensure relevancy and accelerated pipeline velocity.
  • Content will continue to be king, marketers will get better about content distribution and syndication into targeted destinations.

Predictions and Trends from other Smart Marketers:

As you are wrapping up your fast start plans for the New Year, what are you doing different next year? What are going to be the BIG new things you try? Please share your predictions and comments on game changing B2B marketing.

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