Why Won’t Anyone Return My !*#@$% Call?

Great post here from Don Fornes, CEO at Software Advice, that discusses the challenges of B2B selling in an age where technology and information puts control directly in the buyer's hands.

Information is power. A decade ago, it was in the hands of the sales person. Today, the buyer has it too.

What this means is that buyers now engage sales people far later in the sales cycle. Whereas they used to engage vendors about a third of the way into the process, now they are waiting until the last third. Why contact ten vendors up-front and parry with adept salespeople when you can narrow the list down to just two on the Web?

When buyers download your white paper, view your data sheet and watch your flash demo, they are just feeding their research process. Don’t expect to reach them by phone yet. If you’re lucky, they might watch a WebEx demo. Did they ask for a price quote? They are probably ball parking their budget. They’ll get in touch when you’ve made the short list and they have really detailed questions.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the whole post here: http://www.softwareadvice.com/articles/crm/why-wont-anyone-return-my-call-1091610/comment-page-1/#comment-4280



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