Why Weekends May Be Your Best Bet for Email Lead Generation Campaigns

Traditional marketing wisdom is to avoid sending emails on the weekends. More broadly, marketers tend to steer clear of distributing lead generation and other emails from Frantic Friday all the way to Manic Monday. It's all backed by studies, yada yada yada.

In truth, there are some compelling reasons for considering weekends for email distribution, including your regular newsletters, drip campaigns, and lead generation campaigns. Here are a few reasons to consider it, especially as the holidays and winter roll around ...

Nobody Else is Doing It

You know the numbers. Most business people receive more than 100 emails per day, some getting as many as 300. If you're a marketer, that's a lot of competition. Since most marketers are focusing on those "sweet" times between Tuesday and Thursday, your Saturday or Sunday arrival will actually stick out. Does this guarantee an open? No. But it could help.

When It's Cold Outside, Emails are a Welcome Distraction

As winter rolls around, people will be spending less time outdoors and more time inside, particularly with their computer and almost certainly with their smartphone or tablet. This means more email checking. Add in Thanksgiving with the in-laws and an extended visit at Christmastime from the stepchildren, and your lead generation email suddenly seems like a blissful distraction.

Heavy Tech Users Check Email Every Day of the Week

Lead generation 48 hours at home with the fam is a lot. Many of your lead generation email recipients might be joyful for the mid-weekend reality break.

If you're marketing in a heavily technical industry (or to primarily high-tech users), they never take breaks from technology. They're connected 24-7, and reaching this crowd on a weekend is just as promising as reaching them on a Tuesday or Wednesday. In fact, they may need a little tech fix mid-weekend, meaning your newsletter on network security or your lead generation email on the latest Wi-Fi standards are just what the doctor ordered.

Heavy Mobile Users Check Email Habitually

Much like the techie, users who primarily check email via their mobile device don't tend to turn off on the weekends. In fact, these users might be better reached on the weekend, when you aren't competing for their attention with coworkers, the boss, and incessant calls and emails from their customers. A lead generation or drip campaign can easily reach these users on Saturdays and Sundays.

It's About Much More Than Timing

Frankly, if you're getting a very low open rate for emails you distribute over the weekend, it likely isn't the timing. After all, an email they really want to read will sit until they're ready to open it. If your open rates are abysmal, check for other reasons, such as:

• Your subject lines totally suck
• You're sending out so many emails they wish you'd just go away
• Your emails or the landing pages you're sending them to aren't mobile friendly

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