Why 'Trust' is the Number One Goal in Big Data Marketing

Customer trust in your brand is essential to increasing customer retention and maintaining market share. However, if your big data marketing software leads you astray, or if you take an action with that customer data that erodes customer confidence, then your company will lose business. It's just that simple.

You've built that relationship, cultivated it and given your customers reason to see your company as their first option. Breaking your customer's trust has dire consequences. So what must you do to make sure that never happens? Answering this question is the reason why trust is the number one goal in big data marketing.

Making Online Reputation Management a Core Principle

Online reputation management is vital in today's digital marketing world. Your customers have the power to voice their opinions in real-time from anywhere at any time. Big data marketing helps maintain trust by empowering companies to directly engage their audience online.

Have you been receiving complaints in online forums or through other social media outlets? Did your latest product launch fall flat on its face? Are there any noticeable trends in these online complaints? It's your job to rectify those complaints to the best of your ability. Even if it's an unsolvable problem, your other customers will come to respect your proactive approach to resolving online issues. They'll see a partner that's always on the ball, who's always available, and most importantly, who's accountable.

The Benefits of Increased Customer Engagement

Far too many companies jettison customer complaints. Issues are left unresolved and customers are forced to navigate a frustrating and never-ending call center that doesn't answer questions and never solves problems.

Big data marketing is a tool for customer engagement. Your data can help you make sense of how complaints are registered, what platform customers use to voice their displeasure, how fast your team responds and how well concerns are resolved.

Make it easy for customers to contact you through your website with concise and simplified lead capture forms. They're not intrusive and easy to fill out. You can then combine these with a customized app that's easily downloadable on any mobile device. Take your engagement efforts to the next level and show your customers you're their online partner.

Big data marketing Big data marketing makes marketing an exact science.

Building Trust with Customer Compensation Plans

The more loyal a customer feels to a given brand, the more they trust that brand. A great way to build trust is through customer reward programs. Big data marketing provides all the necessary data points you need to put together customer compensation plans that set you apart from your competitors. Your data shows you what your customers buy, when they buy, how much they buy and why they buy it. It takes it a step further by defining how visitors arrive at your website, where they come from and what they're interested in. All this data can be used to compensate customers with a reward program second to none.

The First Impression is the Only Impression

Your website has to be professional. Ditch the popups, the advertisements and the constant intrusive forms that divert your customer's attention. It's hard for any new lead or prospect to trust you if they feel you have ulterior motives. An unprofessional website leaves customers feeling that something isn't quite right.

Avoiding Misleading Marketing and Advertising

If your digital marketing campaigns are misleading, then trust becomes an ongoing issue. Try not to over-promise results. Use your data to review the effectiveness of individual campaigns and be sure to make adjustments to your value proposition that aren't too far-fetched.

Trust is commodity. It's your job to ensure that the trust your customer place in your company is never taken for granted.

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