Why the Cloud Is Essential to Marketing Automation

The cloud has become a ubiquitous term, now being utilized by millions of people and enterprises across the globe. The cloud provides a place for businesses to manage a variety of software applications easily. For businesses interested in marketing automation, finding a cloud-based platform is essential. There are a lot of great marketing tools available, but not all of them offer a cloud-based platform. Cloud-based marketing automation provides several advantages over on-premises marketing tools and can improve the cost and ease-of-use of marketing automation.

Store Data Safely

The cloud offers a safe space to store all of your business data, thus enhancing your disaster recovery plan and reducing the risk of data loss. When data is stored on hard drives, it becomes vulnerable to any number of technical, physical, or manmade disasters. The cloud can safely store all company data indefinitely, ensuring you never lose critical datasets, regardless of the emergency at hand.

Lower Upfront Cost

When investing in software, you need to purchase enough software to install on all of the computers in your business. Not only is this time-consuming, requiring a lot of additional labor, but it is also expensive. Cloud-based marketing automation eliminates the need for software installation, and you can buy monthly subscriptions that fit the needs of any sized organization.

Decrease the Cost of Ownership

In addition to lower upfront costs, the cloud makes it cheaper to manage data over time. The cost of storing and scaling data is extremely expensive, especially for large enterprises. The cloud requires few resources to operate, which enables businesses to store vast quantities of data for a much lower monthly cost than on-site data storage.

Easier Software Management

Software inevitably requires innumerable updates over time. These updates can take a long time to install and can cut into the workday of employees. With a cloud-based platform, the software will automatically update as needed, so the workflow of employees is never disturbed in the process.

Easier Scaling

Both data and software can be scaled more easily in the cloud. As your business grows, the quantity of your data, as well as your software needs, will inevitably grow in conjunction. With cloud-based storage, scaling data is painless. The cloud-based platform also makes it easy to scale software needs to accommodate your growing company. Rather than purchasing new software and installing it on every new computer, you simply update your subscription, and new employees can access the software immediately.

Share Data Across All Departments

Do you often have employees running back and forth between departments to gather the information they need? With the cloud, you can eliminate this problem by having a consolidated platform that allows for easy data sharing across all departments. Employees will be able to access all of the information they need from their desks, which will save a lot of time for your organization.

Marketing automation With data sharing, team members can collaborate easily, no matter their location.

Access Data from Anywhere

If you utilize remote workers or travel frequently for business, then global accessibility is indispensable. With a cloud-based platform, you can access your marketing automation software from anywhere in the world and on any device, so you can access your insights quickly, no matter your location.

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