Why Technology Marketers are Leading the Way in Lead Generation

Technology marketers are ultimately in the business of solving customer problems using technology. And with technology pervading just about every aspect of personal and business life, they certainly have their work cut out for them.

A recent survey on B2B content marketing technology found that technology marketers were standouts in lead generation. It makes sense, because you'd expect technology marketers to stay in tune with the latest, most effective lead generation techniques. There are several reasons why technology marketers lead the way when it comes to lead generation.

Technology Marketers Lead the Way in Lead Generation

Lead generation is a primary content marketing goal for technology marketers. As a group, they have become more focused on lead generation compared to the numbers from a year earlier, according to the survey. In 2014, 86% of tech marketers focused on lead generation, while in 2015, 91% do. They are emphasizing brand awareness less, probably since it's not a major lead generator, and focusing on lead generation partly because it is something quantifiable that can be used to make smarter marketing decisions.

They Make Lead Generation a Top Priority

Ninety-one percent of tech marketers focus on lead generation, whereas only 83% of B2B marketers overall consider lead generation a top goal. The increased emphasis on lead generation among technology marketers corresponds to a major increase in naming "sales" as a major goal. In 2014, only 49% of tech marketers named sales as a top goal, but 80% did in the 2015 survey. In decreasing order, lead generation, lead nurturing (named by 81% of tech marketers as a goal), and sales were the top three goals of technology marketing professionals.

They Make Use of Documented Content Marketing Strategies

Though only one-third of technology marketers say their organization has a content marketing strategy, those who do have a documented strategy say they face fewer content marketing challenges than those who do not. A verbal-only strategy or no strategy at all were far less effective than a clear, written content marketing strategy when it comes to successful content marketing. Of course, having a strategy and using it are two different things. The majority (56%) of highly effective technology marketers said their organizations stuck closely to their content marketing strategies.

Lead generation Having a strategy is important. Sticking to it is even more important.


They're More Likely to Use Content Marketing

Among marketing professionals, tech marketers are the most likely to use content marketing, with 93% reporting that they use it. Nearly three-quarters of tech marketers, however, say that producing engaging content for content marketing with the end result as lead generation is a challenge that they are currently working on improving. The survey defined content marketing as "a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience - and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action."

They Are Metric-Driven

Successful tech marketers are careful to align their goals, metrics, and initiatives so they can more easily measure performance and fine-tune their tactics and strategies. The top metrics used by tech marketers in pursuit of lead generation success are:

• Website traffic (66% of tech marketers)

• Sales lead quality (62%, versus 49% for marketers overall)

• Higher conversion rates (61% versus 48% overall)

• Sales lead quantity (54% versus 40% overall)

In other words, definable, measurable actions are important to tech marketers intent on improving lead generation.


For technology marketers, content marketing is done with specific goals in mind, and lead generation is a top goal. Overall, their focus is more on measurable outcomes rather than less measurable goals like "brand awareness." And in order to succeed, they have to be confident in the quality of their data in order to make precise measurements and track progress toward goals.

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