Why Retargeting Isn't Just for e-Commerce Sites

Retargeting is generally associated with e-commerce sites, and usually then it's related to calling folks back who abandon items in a shopping cart. While this is a great use for retargeting, it isn't the only use, and it leaves out how retargeting can be beneficial to the B2B marketers. Before you toss retargeting into the pile marked "great marketing techniques that are the sole property of B2C marketers", take a look at what it can do for your lead generation and conversion efforts.

Retargeting to Encourage Bounced Traffic to Return

How many times has someone visited your site, lollygagged around awhile, and left before completing the action you wanted them to (aka, become a verifiable lead)? This probably happens many, many times per day. Retargeting allows you to deliver ads to these people later, which often reminds them to come back, and can result in them completing the action you desired for them to. At the very least, retargeting these bounced souls with new ads helps build brand recognition, which is an important step in the success of a business.

Retargeting to Encourage Completion of a Lead Form

Visitors to landing pages often abandon a form midway through. Either they get distracted, or hesitate to give out their info to yet another marketer, or they just decide they don't have the time or don't want the freebie you're offering, after all. Often, retargeting these almost-leads can spark their interest in returning and completing the form. The best bait for this type of retargeting is to make it clear what the benefits are of completing that form (the free e-book will change the way you do business forever ....)

Retargeting to Encourage Leads to Convert to Customers

Retargeting Shoppers who are retargeted are made increasingly aware of the product and your brand, meaning they are increasingly likely to convert when you bring them back after they've downloaded your e-book or watched your webinar.

Retargeting is also a great way to encourage those leads to finally convert. By keeping them engaged with your brand, you establish a deeper connection with them, which is often followed by their willingness to become your customer.

Along the way, you'll need to collect as much data as possible about your potential leads, leads, and eventual customers, so that you can refine your retargeting process and make it even better next time around. ReachForce SmartForms helps marketers increase revenue contribution by solving some of their toughest data collection and management problems. We understand the challenges of results-driven marketers and provide solutions to make initiatives like landing pages better. Whether you have an acute pain to solve today or prefer to grow your capabilities over time, ReachForce SmartForms can help you improve your lead generation efforts at your own pace.

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