Why High Quality Content Still Matters to Marketers

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Despite all the new, exciting trends and technologies emerging for marketers to better reach their customers, the importance of high-quality content has not slipped an inch on your average marketer’s priority list for 2018.

According to a 2018 marketing trends report from Conductor, 70 percent of executives plan to increase their content marketing initiatives this year. Despite the increased complexity around search engine optimization and the emergence of artificial intelligence in the world of content marketing, the demand for consistent, high-value content does not seem to have diminished in the slightest.

It is not necessarily because marketers want it to be that way. Content marketing is not cheap or easy. According to the Content Marketing Institute, companies spend an average of 26 percent of their entire marketing budget on content, making it a costly endeavor for most organizations. Furthermore, content marketing is a largely manual creative process, making it not just a financial drain, but also a time-intensive commitment, too.

Why, then, are marketers still so invested in creating high-quality content?

#1. Because it works.

CMI’s 2018 survey shows that 70 percent of marketers can demonstrate with metrics how content marketing has increased audience engagement and the number of leads in their pipeline. Fifty-one percent can tie content marketing efforts to an actual increase in sales. Keep in mind, that is with only 35 percent of marketers measuring the ROI of their content marketing efforts today; imagine what that might look like if the other 65 percent measured their success.

#2. Because your customers demand it.

While the ROI of content marketing can be outstanding, the truth is that businesses need to be creating high-quality content even if their return is not great. Why?

Because consumers have come to expect high-quality content from brands and often choose to do business with the companies that provide that content to them. For instance,  94 percent of B2B buyers conduct some form of online research prior to making a purchase, with 47 percent of buyers consuming three to five pieces of content before even contacting a sales representative. And guess what?

A whopping 94 percent of buyers end up choosing the vendor that provided them with thought leadership throughout the customer journey.

Enriched data Consumers expect brands to supply high-quality content for research purposes and often reward the companies with the best content by doing business with them.

So whether you want to be creating content or not, the truth is that you have to in order to remain competitive and draw customers to your brand over your competitors.

#3. Because it is getting easier to generate. 

The good news is that creating high-quality content is becoming easier to create provided you have enriched data to inform your content marketing strategy. Now more than ever, enriched data tells you exactly where and how to reach your audience in all forms of marketing, including your content. By shaping your content to meet the demands of your audience based on their enriched data, you ensure your content marketing efforts yield the highest possible ROI and help build a lasting impression for your brand among your customers.

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