Why 'Bigger' Data Isn't Necessarily 'Better' Data When It Comes to Lead Generation

"Bigger isn't always better" is the line they all say, and it applies to big data too: bigger data isn't always better.  However, there are ways to make sure you have "better big data." Here are the problems to be aware of in big data marketing, and what you can do to avoid them.

Big Data is Often Unstructured

Before, data used for analysis was primarily structured. That is, it fit neatly within your relational databases and processing was as simple as pie. Big data, however, is comprised of lots of unstructured data -- things like documents and videos and images -- that don't play nicely with SQL databases and other traditional tools. However, with the right tools, you can filter the data and coax sense out of it. Predictive analysis is a powerful tool that can bring your lead generation efforts to new heights once the right big data analysis tools are in place.

Little Errors Get Enormous When Scaled

Do you know how telling a little lie leads to an even bigger lie, and before you know it (or so you tell your kids), you're telling big, fat whopper lies just to cover up for one little white lie? Well, big data is something like this. When there's a little mistake or bit of corrupt data in there, it scales big and fast and mean. All the little bitty errors here and there add up to throw your data analytics completely off course. It's essential to invest the time, money, and effort into data cleansing before you send those data sets off to play with the analysts.

Big Data Presents Big Time Security Issues

Lead generation Make sure you're the only one profiting from the consumer data you have by using optimal security procedures.

Big data is one of the most attractive targets for thieves created this century. Well, besides the iPhone, but you can have that shut down when it gets stolen. Big data, however, lives on and causes all kinds of trouble for both you and the poor folks you're keeping data on. Data security is absolutely essential if you're collecting, analyzing, transferring, or otherwise dealing with big data. Use encryption, multifactor authentication, and systems monitoring to assure you're the only one cashing in on your big data efforts.

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