Why Asking 'Why' is the Key to Improving Online Lead Generation

Why is asking 'why' important? Because it's all too easy in the old marketing department to lose sight of where you're heading. The 'why' questions force you to walk back through the steps you took from creating a strategy through the implementation process and assess what's making sense and what isn't. Here are the 'why' questions you should be asking and why those questions are important.

Why Does the Marketing Department Need to Change?

Why is an important question any time you expect your marketing department to make or accept changes. If you can't answer the question, there might not be a real reason to make the changes after all. Unless there is a clear, specific reason for making changes, leave it alone.

Why is Social Media Important?

What do 'likes' and 'shares' and 'follows' really do for your lead generation efforts, anyway? Social media is important for a whole plethora of reasons:

• It's a great way to monitor public sentiment

• It's a great way to monitor acceptance of your product

• It's a great way to establish credibility in your industry

• It's a great way to get customers to share your messages, promoting your messages far further than you could with paid advertising

• It's a great way for customers to find you who otherwise might never see your ads and content

Why All These Metrics?

Lead generation The metrics help you see what content is resonating with customers and what's missing the mark.

Aren't the metrics getting a little out of control? Is it really necessary to track the customer lifecycle to such a finite point? Well, yes and yes. The metrics each give you a different viewpoint, even when the actual data seems quite similar. For example, if you were a little girl in Oklahoma who had never seen an elephant, which would give you a better idea: a 360-degree view from all angles, including shots with other animals so you could see the size comparison? Or a single shot of an elephant standing in a remote, featureless landscape? More metrics gives you the full, 360-degree view for excellent perspective.

Whenever things get out of perspective, stop and ask 'why'. If you can't give a full, logical answer, then perhaps you shouldn't be doing it at all.

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