Why Adding a Data Scientist to Your Marketing Dept May be the Smartest Lead Generation Move You Make All Year

Your marketing team is filled to the brim with spectacular talent. You've got creative genius when it comes to developing smart marketing campaigns. You've got ultimate gurus when it comes to launching social media campaigns, developing email campaigns, and lead generation and nurturing campaigns. What your team lacks is a ... data scientist? Yep. Here's why.

What Data Scientists Do That Marketers (Typically) Don't

While there are oddball prodigies that possess both creative skills and mathematical/scientific skills, most normal mortals have just one or the other. Most of your marketing folks are most likely very gifted creatively, and have somewhat less aptitude when it comes to science and math. A data scientist rounds out this talent pool brilliantly, bringing the STEM skills to balance out your creative talents. Data scientists are excellent at:

• Statistical analysis
• Developing and utilizing mathematical algorithms to query data
• Interpretation of analytics
• Communicating the analytical findings with non-techies (a skilled tech speak to English translator, if you will)

What Data Scientists Can Add to the Marketing Mojo

If you're like the typical marketing team, you're incredibly strong when it comes to written and verbal skills. You've probably got some employees with impressive artistic design talents, and likely some savvy photographers, videographers, copywriters, copyeditors, and related skill sets. Probably, your biggest struggles lie in collecting the marketing metrics and convincing those numbers and data sets to sing the song of their people.

A data scientist can do 'the numbers stuff', leaving the letters to the real marketers. Then you can get much more insight into things like how well your lead generation efforts are going, what factors determine a lead converting to a paying customer, and what your general customers' opinions are beyond lead generation and sales figures.

The Safe Capture, Care & Feeding of a Data Scientist

Lead generation If you find a real data scientist out in the wild, approach very carefully. They're a valuable resource that can't be under-paid or undervalued. The same applies for data scientists you breed in captivity.

If you're sold on the concept of adding a data scientist to your team, there are some key points you need to know for catching and keeping one. First, these skills are rare and are in high demand. Be prepared to pay what the talent is worth. Alternately, you can home-grow a data scientist. (S)he doesn't have to be from marketing (you already have those skills covered in spades). Consider training an employee from the IT department, production, finance/accounting, or elsewhere in the company who's gifted in math and computer science skills. Word to the wise: once they acquire these skills, they're equally valuable on the open market. Unless you plan to train them for a job with your competitor, pay them what they're worth.

A data scientist can be exactly what you need for better lead generation and improved bottom-line revenue. To learn more about how ReachForce SmartForms can help you optimize lead generation and improve your impact on revenue, sign up for a free trial and get a demo today.

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