What's the Danger in Big Data and How Can the Dangers Be Avoided?

The Internet is a scary place. Every day, the Internet and newspapers are brimming with doom and gloom articles that make the world seem a lot more dangerous than it is. The latest victim of media fear mongering? Big data. While big data does present some security concerns, they are easily combatted, provided you have a secure strategy in place. So, what is big data's greatest threat? Here are the top issues to consider.

Hacking, Viruses, and Theft

Big data can either be managed on-premises or in the cloud. One of the greatest threats to big data is the potential for hacking, viruses, and theft. Data breaches can be costly, with even minor data breaches resulting in hefty restoration expenses, so they're best to be avoided altogether. While both the cloud and on-premises data can be vulnerable to these threats, on-premises data has the added risk of being vulnerable to data loss via onsite disasters.

To ensure data stored in the cloud remains as secure as possible, it's important to utilize a trusted platform. Look for the Safe Harbor certification to ensure the vendor is adhering to all compliance regulations established by the U.S. Department of Commerce as it pertains to the collection, use, and retention of data.

Dirty Data

Dirty data also poses a major threat to marketers. Though not as costly as data breaches, dirty data can significantly reduce the effectiveness of marketing, thus resulting in wasted resources. Dirty data accumulates naturally over time. As your company collects more and more data, soon duplicate sets occur, incorrect or improperly formatted sets, data that's no longer relevant to the company, etc. If you go too long without cleansing your system, this data can greatly skew the results of your analysis, resulting in incorrect assumptions that waste money.

The solution to dirty data is fairly simple. You need to keep your database clean. The most efficient tactic for managing data and keeping it accurate and up to date is with data cleansing software. With data cleansing software, you'll receive a complete, automated system to validate emails, standardize your data, and correct inconsistencies. In turn, you'll be left with the high quality data you need to fuel marketing insights.

Inefficient or Expensive Big Data Strategies

The goal of big data is to improve marketing revenue. However, when you don't have a proper data strategy in place, you could end up reducing your ROI, rather than increasing it. This is a huge threat that big data presents but an easy one to avoid. Since big data can be both time-consuming and costly, you need a clear strategy in place for leveraging it efficiently. With the cloud, you can manage and scale vast quantities of data at little expense.

What is big data With the right software, you'll manage all aspects of data more efficiently.

Also, with the right marketing automation software, you'll be able streamline the collection and management of data, allowing you to expedite the process and improve your analysis. The software provides a variety of tools which will enable you to capture a higher quality of data from the start, thus saving considerable amounts of time. You'll be able to target your marketing to increase conversions, while offering more value to your clients. In turn, you'll create an efficient and cost-effective data strategy that will improve ROI, rather than draining company resources.

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