What Role Does a Personalized Experience Play in B2B Big Data Marketing?

Most marketers working in the B2B realm are taught from the beginning that B2B marketing is all about rationality and discipline. These buyers are focused on making the purchasing decisions that make the most business sense. They are focused on price and the business value the product holds: nothing more and nothing less.

The truth is, this is malarkey. Business buyers are emotionally driven, just as consumers are. More and more modern research points to the fact that business buyers want a personalized experienced and make emotionally-based decisions just like consumers do.

The Reality of Today's B2B Customer

Some research indicates that emotions are responsible for as much as two-thirds of a business buyer's decision. Sure, they conduct comparative analysis. But the decision is hugely emotional. Think about it this way: if a consumer makes a bad purchasing decision, what's the worst that can happen? Maybe they have to miss the movies this weekend because they overspent, or perhaps their spouse gets angry. Business buyers, however, could face intense scrutiny at work, fail to get that coveted promotion, or even lose their jobs if they make a bad buying decision.

How to Capitalize on Emotions in B2B Marketing

Big data marketing How will this purchase decision help the decision-maker stand out from the crowd and garner praise for doing a great job?

This means that B2B marketers can use emotions in their marketing and customer relationship building. In addition to showing the business buyer how the product will offer business value, you also have to show them what personal rewards they stand to gain: acknowledgment for their smart decisions, building management's confidence in their abilities to make decisions, and the opportunity to advance their career by making a smart buying decision.

Building and nurturing relationships with your customers is also important. After all, if they're willing to take a literal career risk to work with you, it's crucial that you make it worth their while. When you've exhibited these traits and proven the value your products offer the B2B customer, they are willing to pay a premium for it. Just be sure that you are making the product's value -- both to the business and to the person -- clear.

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