What Makes Content High Quality

Are you putting out quality content? ReachForce often emphasizes quality data, but in a world where "content is king" is an oft-stated belief, quality content is also of the utmost importance.

But what makes content high quality? For the answer to this question and more, ReachForce spoke with Kate Proykova, Managing Director at Hop Online.

What makes quality content?

Quality content is what people find useful and fun to read. You need to provide smart, thorough information, because that's what users look for when searching on Google. You also need to provide it in an easy-to-absorb way - with visuals, videos, good examples, and short paragraphs with headings and bullet points - so readers can skim through and decide whether they'll find what they are searching for.

How do you produce quality content?

Producing such content requires research, excellent writing skills, and creative elements. For example, we have clients who have great content but lack high-quality, well-placed visuals. This makes people bounce out of their pages. So, quality content is measured by user experience. If users stay on the page, read the content, and then click on more pages within the site, that's a signal that you are on the right track.

How can business owners use "quality content" for lead generation?

Quality content is a great asset to have. You can use it for multiple purposes:

1. You can use it to grow your audience and boost site traffic by promoting your branded content on social media.

2. You can gain backlinks from other webmasters who find your content useful for their audiences.

3. You can create your own lead list by making your content asset downloadable and collecting names and emails.

4. You can gain subscribers for your blog or channel.

If you're doing all of these things with your content and you're gaining links, shares, likes, and subscribers, search engines will start showing your content higher in search results - and you'll even start getting free traffic.

How can data about your priority customers be used to create content for that demo?

We collect data for our target audience via surveys, interviews with experts, and online research on the topic, e.g. review mining (for example, you can check Amazon book reviews on a related subject and discover what questions people are asking and how they're wording them.).

How does content improve a business's respective search results?

At the end of the day, good content means more qualified visitors who stay longer on your site, backlinks from other sites, social media traffic, etc. All of these are positive ranking factors which translate into higher Domain Authority (DA) and bring your site up in Search results.

Investing in quality content by addressing your customers' needs and providing the answers they're looking for is the only way to stabilize and scale your online business. The concrete results which content marketing provides, such as higher rankings and steady organic traffic, arrive more slowly than sales boosts driven by paid advertising, but the results are there to last.

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