What is Hubspot? Marketing Automation Software Series

Today's guest post introduces to marketing automation with @HubSpot, courtesy of Jeffrey Russo. 

HubspotHubspot marketing automation software was born from the recognition that buyers are growing tired of annoying, irrelevant, and interruptive marketing, and are getting better and better at tuning those messages out. As a result, the world is quickly becoming a place where the only way to reach new customers is to do it on their terms, by creating marketing people love.

Our mission is to give our customers the tools and the knowledge they need to create marketing people love through a practice we call inbound marketing. Inbound marketing addresses your entire marketing funnel, from attracting new people to your brand and your website, all the way through to converting them into customers and delighting them over the long term.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology

HubSpot ’s inbound marketing methodology covers every stage of your marketing funnel.

Attracting new people to your organization

Unlike other tools that leave marketers to rely on purchased lists, an existing database or other “outbound” efforts to generate leads, HubSpot helps marketers tackle the challenge of building their own database of quality leads head on. Those tools include a social media publishing dashboard that allows you to create, schedule, publish, and track your posts. A keyword research dashboard and SEO tools. A robust layer of analytics that helps you understand what works and what doesn’t. Even a blogging platform that helps you make sure every post is perfectly optimized.

Converting those people into leads

Once you’ve succeeded at attracting those visitors to your website, HubSpot’s inbound marketing tools are designed to help you convert those visitors into leads. Marketers can create beautiful responsive landing pages that look great on any device, build forms that use progressive profiling to ask the right questions at the right time, even build, target, and AB test different calls to action. It can all be done right inside of HubSpot, and it can all be done without any technical knowledge.

Nurturing those leads toward becoming customers

When it comes to nurturing and automation, HubSpot has everything you would expect from a marketing automation tool, including behavior-driven lead nurturing, granular segmentation, and an email interface that makes building beautiful and personalized email messages easy.

Hubspot Contacts

HubSpot’s contacts timeline makes it easy for your sales team to do granular research on the history of a lead in an interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

But unlike other tools, HubSpot has tools that help you nurture, track, and communicate with your leads in a number of ways beyond email. For example, HubSpot’s Smart CTAs allow you to carry the same level of personalization you can achieve through email to every page of your website. And our Social Inbox tool allows you to monitor any portion of your marketing database for key actions in social media.

Facilitating a smooth hand-off to sales

When leads are ready to talk to your sales team, HubSpot has a number of tools to make that hand-off seamless. Through tools like behavior-based lead scoring, our unique “timeline view”, and an integration with your CRM system, HubSpot will help you provide your sales team with exactly the right information at the right time.

HubSpot is too big to fit into one blog post.

So far, we’ve covered a sampling of the tools that make up HubSpot, but HubSpot is so much more just marketing software. As an undisputed leader in marketing thought leadership and education, we have the expertise to help guide you toward your marketing goals. We are backed by some of the biggest names in the industry (our investors include Google Ventures, Salesforce, and Sequoia Capital.) And our 9,000 customers include organizations of all shapes and sizes - Salesforce Desk.com, ThermoFischer, Ektron, and many more.

Want to learn more about HubSpot marketing automation software? Learn more about our inbound marketing methodology, or take a look at our software. Ready to see the tools in action? Schedule a demo or try the tools yourself today.




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