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Our customers, prospects and B2B Lead followers often ask us about marketing automation.  Since ReachForce targeted role-based leads are fed into many of these solutions we decided to give each of them an opportunity to explain their key benefits and features in their own words. First up on the list is our long-standing partner, Eloqua.  Thanks to Steve Woods at Eloqua (@stevewoods) for this post.

What is Eloqua?

We’re glad you asked.  As you’ll see on our marketing material, Eloqua is the category-defining marketing automation leader and provider of best practices expertise for marketers around the world. Our mission is to make our customers the best marketers on earth.  But what does that really mean?

Let’s start with how we help you become the best marketer on earth.  The first step towards that is allowing you to have the best possible understanding of your prospects and customers.  We do that by letting you see your prospects’ Digital Body Language so you can understand your prospects, their interests, their role in the buying process, and whether they are ready to buy.

The image gives you a good sense of some of the detail we provide in tracking digital body language, things like:

  • All aspects of your web visit, including visits to company blogs and landing pages
  • Response to all marketing; email, direct mail, or offline
  • Capture of any web forms, whether they are hosted on your site or with Eloqua
  • All search terms and queries used on all major search engines
  • Tracking of any specific area of your website that conveys interesting meaning

With a good understanding of their digital body language, you can then score your leads in order to understand which are ready for sales and which are not.  Scoring against not only who they are, but also, how interested they are is key.  Who they are may not change too rapidly over time, but their interest level may suddenly increase as a business event pushes them towards solutions like yours.

Some unique points about how Eloqua helps you score leads:

  • Ability to separately score the “who” from the “how interested” (explicit/implicit) and rate accordingly
  • Showing raw scores and ratings within your CRM system exactly as you want to see it
  • Unique scoring for each product line if you have more than one product line
  • Scoring on more complex concepts, like whether the prospect is from a named account

Those leads that are ready, you can then pass over to your sales team, automatically, and according to the appropriate lead routing rules for your business.  Whether you are using Salesforce.com, Oracle CRM On Demand, MS Dynamics CRM, or any other major CRM system, we can automatically present the lead to your sales team in the way you want.

The depth and flexibility of Eloqua’s CRM integration is unique in the market because it:

  • Has access to all objects in the CRM system; contacts, leads, accounts, campaigns, tasks, and any custom objects
  • Is completely flexible, letting you customize any business process for how leads are updated, handed to sales, or clawed back
  • Is compatible with any CRM system you select
  • Allows marketing and sales to each manage their own unique data model, but define exactly which fields are to be synchronized
  • Is set up with one click, out of the box, for any new client, but can grow to accommodate any business process

The leads that are not ready for sales need to be nurtured until they do show purchase interest.  The art of lead nurturing is that you are maintaining a conversation that can last for months, quarters, or even years.  As with any conversation, being aware of the changes in mood of the party you are talking to is key.  Understanding their digital body language, to watch for signs that they have begun to emotionally unsubscribe is key.

Lead nurturing with Eloqua gets you to success faster because:

  • Our ability to personalize content in emails and landing pages based on what is known about a person, or what they do, is without parallel
  • Our email sending infrastructure (and industry relationships) consistently achieves the best deliverability rates in the industry, assuring your messages get through
  • Monitoring active/inactive ratios through Eloqua allows you to ensure your audience remains engaged and you are not losing their interest
  • With Eloqua, you can empower your sales team with a nurture center that allows them to select a nurture program for their prospects based on the conversation they are having with them if they see they are not ready to buy at that moment

As you use marketing automation to score and nurture leads, you’ll need to understand whether your efforts are successful or not.  By taking a top-down view of your lead funnel in your marketing analysis, you can begin to understand the effect of your efforts.  A “balance sheet” view shows you what leads are in the funnel at the moment, and an “income statement” view allows you to see how things have moved over time.

Eloqua’s Marketing Analysis stands out because:

  • Deep and flexible analysis is available from the level of a tactic, such as an email or a landing page, all the way to high level campaigns
  • A unique approach allows you to understand how each campaign contributed to revenue, even in a multi-campaign, multi-buyer environment
  • Graphical dashboards, and emailed alerts allow real-time delivery of metrics to execs and key sales team members
  • The deep integration Eloqua provides with your CRM system also allows many reports to be run in your CRM environment if that is where users are comfortable

By understanding your buyers, determining which are ready for sales, and nurturing those that are not, you can become one of the best marketers on earth.  We’ve been helping marketers achieve great things for almost 10 years now, and have spent a long time making sure that the technology, ideas, best practices, and community is in place to make sure that you also succeed.  In creating the space and defining the category, we’ve also written a book about Digital Body Language and how to use it to succeed in your marketing.

This history of success is unique with Eloqua and of great benefit to you because:

  • Each business process brings unique challenges, and we’ve wrestled with solving them already, so you won’t run into any surprises that prevent you from success
  • Each industry innovates in unique areas; whether it is in technology, financial services, real estate, or sports marketing.  Eloqua is unique in that we are able to bring ideas, innovations, and experience in demand generation from one industry to another
  • The best practices we have developed are available to you out of the box, meaning you don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time
  • We have the largest and most experienced team of success managers and certified partners, in North America, and around the world, dedicated to your success

Simply put, we have the people, the technology, and the experience to make you one of the best marketers on earth.  We would enjoy an opportunity to speak with you about how.  If you’re interested in learning more, please come visit us at www.eloqua.com and learn more.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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