What is A/B Split Testing and Why Is It Essential to Your Marketing Campaign?

The website of a business is critical. It serves as a passive marketing strategy that can draw in new clients and fuel sales without needing to be continually altered or updated. A/B split testing can be a highly effective method of designing a website correctly the first time around, so you can ensure the site is fully optimized to drive as many sales as possible.

What Is A/B Split Testing?

A/B split testing is the method of assessing which version of a website, advertisement, or other marketing medium is the most successful. By creating multiple forms of the same webpage and testing them alongside one another, businesses can determine the ideal placement of products, the most effective calls to action, the most intuitive layout, and other key factors that support conversions. With proper A/B split testing, you can reduce the cost of marketing by ensuring every webpage and advertisement is designed to produce the highest number of leads.

A/B Split Testing Best Practices

Not all A/B split testing will produce favorable results. You need to implement specific strategies to ensure the accuracy of the data. Here are some of the top practices to implement.

1. Don't test too many variables at a time. You can conduct multiple separate A/B split tests to avoid testing too many variables at once. Each test should hone in on one specific aspect of the page, such as product placement or the call to action. This will allow you to achieve a higher level of precision and ensure the success of each page is being attributed to its exact cause.
2. Only test things of significance to the website. There are countless elements to a website, some of which are of greater significance than others. Font, for instance, should always be a standard Internet font. You needn't play with specialized fonts to see which is most preferable to viewers, since its long been established that specialized fonts can deter readers.

A/B split testing You should assess the larger aspects of a website, rather than the minute details.

3. Look for bigger trends. For A/B split testing to be effective, you need to establish bigger trends, rather than just accepting the first results you receive. There are countless variables that could throw off the results of the test. Just because one webpage seems to perform marginally better after the first day doesn't mean it will continue to perform better over time. You need to gather enough data to ensure the success of the webpage is a persisting trend rather than just an anomaly.

A/B split testing, if conducted incorrectly, can actually yield incorrect data, thus informing faulty marketing decisions that will reduce the effectiveness of the campaign. Marketing automation software can facilitate A/B split testing and ensure a higher level of accuracy. It provides a complete data management platform that makes it easier to track and analyze data, so you can more accurately discern which webpage is performing the best. With task automation built into the software, you'll also be able to conduct A/B split tests more efficiently, allowing you to test more webpage versions at once and improve the overall design of the website.

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