What Does it Mean to Be 'Data Driven' in Your Marketing and Lead Generation?

It sounds so trendy to say, 'We are a data-driven organization.' and mention that in your blog posts and trade shows and industry conferences. But are you? Is your organization actually data driven, or are you just a bit influenced by big data? Here is what makes a truly data-driven organization tick.

Data-Driven Organizations are Purposeful About the Metrics They Collect

Organizations love to collect lots of data. It sounds good to say, "We've got X petabytes of data now," but what purpose is this data actually serving to the company? Quit collecting data for the sake of collecting data and begin to be purposeful for the data collection. Find ways to use what you're storing and processing, or ax that metric and spend the time, storage space, and processing power on something that delivers an actual benefit to the company.

Data-Driven Organizations Utilize Data Across the Company

If your data resides in silos that belong to specific departments or teams (aka, this is our 'marketing data' and this is our 'financial data'), then you aren't yet a data-driven organization. When the company is truly data driven, the data is put to good use across the organization. Though the database(s) and data management might be centralized, everyone has access to store, retrieve, and analyze data for the good of the entire organization.

Data-Driven Organizations Respond to What the Data Has to Say

When the data indicates that something is too costly, less than optimally productive, or perhaps not sustainable over time, does your organization make the appropriate changes? If you haven't even begun asking your data these types of questions, you aren't yet a data-driven business. Learn to ask the right questions and to respond to what the data tells you to boost sales, reduce costs, streamline operations, plan for future expansion, etc.

Data-Driven Organizations Discover New Ways to Use the Data

Data driven The data you collected for one campaign can help another. But it might also help in unexpected places, such as in next year's budget or for research and development of new products.

Data-driven organizations have those "ah ha!" moments when they realize that the data they've been using for X, Y, Z is also useful for A, B, C. In other words, they constantly find new ways to leverage the data they've got. Look into your data and see how it could be analyzed differently to produce even more results for your organization.

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