What are the Limitations of Big Data Marketing for Lead Generation?

Big data marketing for lead generation is still in its infancy. In fact, if it were a human we'd be diapering it and asking Grandma to keep it for the weekend. We're still learning what it holds, how to use it, and what limitations it has. If you're considering a big data marketing effort, you can expect to glean gaggles of valuable insight and drive lead generation in new and fantastic ways. But you'll also have to learn that there are limitations to what big data can (currently) yield. Here's what big data marketing can't do (so far).

Big Data Can Present a Distorted View

When dealing with user-level data, there are factors that can throw off your numbers. For example, you might only be getting a picture of the user via your own Internet properties. Or, you could be getting data from the user's PC, but not their mobile devices. Users who use only a desktop computer are different from those who use multiple devices. Be aware that your viewpoint could only be a partial view of your users.

It Is Difficult to Visualize Big Data


Big data marketing Big data is truly massive. Finding a way to put it into easily visualized form isn't easy.


If big data is in diapers, the art and science of data visualization is in the NICU. Flow diagrams and other means of data visualization can be confusing if you aren't an industry expert. Most of the time, data has to be aggregated by a few levels to be presented in a meaningful way to marketers.

Big Data Can't Always Answer "Why?"

Big data can tell you what people like, what they don't like, how they respond to situations, how they react to stimuli, and a variety of other things. What it can't tell you is why. Why did consumers respond so much differently to one marketing campaign versus another? Why did they respond well to the blue-background on the landing page and not the yellow?

Big Data Doesn't Always Foster Learning for the Future

Related to the "Why?" issue is the ability to learn for the future from what big data is telling us. Big data can tell you what worked or did not work in any given situation, but without the ability to understand why it is this way, it presents very little insight for learning about what to do in the future.

Big Data Features a Lot of Noise

Big data, especially on the user-level, is noisy. There are a lot of anomalies that are difficult to explain. Is this information meaningful or relevant, or something that can be completely ignored? It can be tough to determine what is useful versus what is a meaningless artifact in the data.

Big Data Comes With Big Privacy and Security Issues

Since user-level data contains personally identifying information, it can't be stored just anywhere, transferred just anywhere, or handed over to third parties anytime you like. When you take on big data marketing, you also take on the responsibility for consumers' privacy and security.

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